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AOLserver is a multithreaded, Tcl-enabled, massively scalable and extensible Web server tuned for large scale, dynamic Web sites. It includes complete database integration, dynamic page scripting, and an open, extensible architecture.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  28 Jun 2006 05:00

    No changes have been submitted for this release.

    •  19 Jan 2005 03:49

      Release Notes: This release adds two enhancements and one API change. The major enhancement is the adding of configurable transparent gzip compression of HTTP responses from ADP pages. The minor enhancement is the addition of a numeric version #define to aid conditional compilation of modules that require specific AOLserver versions or must be compiled differently depending on the version. Ns_Compress() has been renamed to Ns_CompressGzip() in anticipation of other algorithms which will be supported.

      •  23 Nov 2004 04:48

        Release Notes: This release closes a number of small bugs and adds a few enhancements. Bugfixes were made for a shutdown crash, a memory leak when using getaddrinfo, a server hang for ns_http, crashes that could occur with bad invocations of ns_schedule_{proc,daily,weekly}, and omission of the Content-Length header if ADP streaming is on. Ns_ConnSend() now does what the docs say it does. Enhancements include a new Ns_Compress() to gzip data, a new Ns_SockCancelCallbackEx() to correctly cancel callbacks, and the ability to write corefiles on Linux after setuid by setting PR_SET_DUMPABLE.

        •  07 Sep 2004 19:39

          Release Notes: This release closes a number of small bugs. One significant bugfix involves DNS resolution and use of thread-safe getaddrinfo() and getnameinfo() APIs where available. Heavy users of DNS resolution within their AOLserver applications are urged to upgrade to this version to resolve any thread-safety issues surrounding DNS resolution.

          •  20 Jul 2004 03:14

            Release Notes: This release corrects a serious flaw in 4.0.6 where a non-compliant HTTP/1.1 request could crash the server, resulting in a denial of service. Everyone is urged to skip the 4.0.6 release and either remain on 4.0.5 or upgrade to 4.0.7 immediately.


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