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anyPaper is a front-end for wallpapersetter. You can choose the screen size, background color, and image position. It has 6 modes: fullscreen, normal, tiled, adjusted, scaled, and custom scale.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  31 Aug 2010 01:11

    Release Notes: The behavior when the image file couldn't be opened was changed, as was the value returned by the function. An error message was added for when the image file could not be opened. A file filter was added to the "Default file", "Save as...", and "Open File" dialogs. Scrollbars in the preview window are now hidden in full-screen mode. The wallpapersetter list was updated. Error handling was added for file not found and command not found conditions.

    •  07 May 2010 02:35

      Release Notes: A bug in tiled option was fixed. The AnypaperWallpapersetter class was added for dectecting installed wallpapersetters. The detect wallpapersetter button was added to the main window and popup window for choosing the installed wallpapersetter if any one was found. The way of detecting a setting wallpaper error was changed; it now tests if the command exists.

      •  07 May 2010 01:21

        Release Notes: A bug in the --last option behavior was fixed.

        •  07 May 2010 01:20

          Release Notes: Major changes were made in the software architecture and in the behavior of tiled mode. The "center", "Load lastwallpaper file", and "Load rc file" buttons were added. Documentation was added.

          •  10 May 2009 11:29

            Release Notes: In src/image.c (refresh_color), a bug with tiled style when changing the background color has been fixed. In src/preview_window.c, an actual size preview window has been added. In src/anypaper.c, a bug when canceling missing files has been fixed.


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