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The GUIShell project is a collection of utilities facilitating the use of the GTK+ toolkit in shell scripts through the gtkshell utility. The ACE configuration environment provides sample scripts utilizing gtkshell for desktop utilities. rootcat provides the ability to display messages to the root window using Xft, allowing one to write status display scripts.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  03 Sep 2010 10:56

    Release Notes: Various code cleanups and bugfixes have been committed. gtkshell can now make use of the current icon theme for specified icon lookup. gshterm, based on VTE, is now a tabbed terminal. A toolbar providing mnemonics for tab operations has been added to the terminal widget. Command line usage is now generated automatically on invalid options. A new deskbar utility was added to ACE. ACE now looks up a system default value for a configuration key when a key has been marked as undefined before attempting to prompt the user.

    •  24 Nov 2007 00:06

      Release Notes: This release features undo capabilities for the text editor widget, the addition of improved icons for the ACE Deskbar, a file management panel that is more useful than the iconic file manager, code to verify the presence of new configuration keys introduced as ACE evolves, icon-only toolbars for gtkshell app-mode, a simple calculator (interface to bc), fixed text editor scrolling, an initial xshell-based panel, left alignment of menu labels, and icons for each Deskbar menu item.

      •  27 May 2007 05:08

        Release Notes: gtkshell now builds on Cygwin. The style 3 deskbar menu has been updated according to guidelines. boehm-gc garbage collection is used if available. VTE presence is determined at configure time, and gtkshell can be built without it, but with reduced functionality. The IDE terminal areas are now resizable. A text editor has been added. An application mode has been added. Special passed commands are now used to allow for callback specification. A clock applet has been added to reduce fork overhead for the desk bar.

        •  07 Apr 2007 20:51

          Release Notes: This is a bug fix release which fixes installation of GUI definition language files and defines a standard extension for such files.

          •  17 Mar 2007 06:19

            Release Notes: Redundant relinking has been fixed in project makefile targets. A duplicate entry in the main panel has been fixed.

            Recent comments

            12 Dec 2004 21:08 jefbed

            AntiRight IRC Channel
            If you wish to discuss anything pertaining to AntiRight, please join #AntiRight on Undernet.

            02 Oct 2004 18:57 jefbed

            Contributers Wanted
            Contributers are wanted for this project. If this software is of use to you or you want to make it better fit your needs, you are encouraged to make contributions to AntiRight. Contributions can be as simple as feedback about likes/dislikes and can, of course, be as in-depth as code contributions.

            Best regards,

            Jeffrey Bedard

            23 Jun 2004 09:32 jefbed

            AntiRight Rearchitecturing
            AntiRight has undergone a major rearchitecturing. The new architecture is that of a scriptable desktop environment. The environment is implemented using a configuration architecture, known as ACE. This consists of ACE, the script which implements the executable functions on the scripted side of the environment, system.antiright, which is the configuration file in which all AntiRight actions are defined, and arconfig, whichis the means by which the user can modify such definitions. The GUI of the environment, which can be said to be a form of shell bindings to motif, is arshell. The only utilities that remain in their C incarnations are antifile, xmtextedit, arcd, and arcolor. arcd is just the command line interface to the CD ioctls now. Its user interface is implemented in ACE. arcolor provides a superior color selection mechanism than that currently possible with an arshell UI, so it remains currently. The color selection code may be moved into the library as a widget once scale globals are removed. The text editor and file manager may be replaced by scripted versions in the future.

            05 Jan 2004 04:49 jefbed

            AntiRight Download Server Online
            The file download service for AntiRight has been restored. Thank you for your patience.

            01 Jan 2004 14:08 jefbed

            File downloads will resume on Monday, January 5
            File downloads are hosted on a temporary server until savannah's download area is back online. The temporary server is going to be down until Monday, January 5, pending upgrades. Please be patient while this change occurs. An update will be posted when the temporary download server is back online.

            Thanks for your patience and support


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