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Ant is a Java based build tool, similar to make, but with better support for the cross platform issues involved with developing Java applications. Ant is the build tool of choice for all Java projects at Apache and many other Open Source Java projects.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  06 May 2014 02:44

    Release Notes: This version added many bugfixes and improvements, including initial support for Java 1.9, the ability to run JUnit tests in multiple threads (when they are forked), and a refactoring of Ant's own test suite, which is now based on JUnit 4.

    •  29 Dec 2013 06:02

      Release Notes: The main change is a fix for the speed of the exec task. See bugzilla report 54128. Other bugfixes and improvements are documented in the README file.

      •  12 Jul 2013 15:03

        Release Notes: The javadoc task provides a workaround for the recently patched frame injection vulnerability (CVE-2013-1571) of the javadoc tool found in Oracle JDKs prior to Java 7u25. The task will now post-process the generated files and remove the vulnerability if detected. In addition, some interoperability patches to the tar and zip classes have been applied.

        •  22 May 2013 03:24

          Release Notes: Zip64 extensions are now disabled by default. Loading of external dependencies was fixed in JUnit tasks. JUnitreport default stylesheets are now compatible with JDK 1.7. Upgrading to jsch 0.1.50 is recommended for users of the SSH/SCP tasks under Java 1.7. "if" and "unless" XML namespaces were introducted, making it possible to put conditions on all tasks and nested elements. Bugs were fixed.

          •  11 Mar 2013 00:44

            Release Notes: This is the first Ant release that requires at least Java 1.5. It has support for @Ignore annotation and a requirement of JUnit 4.11. The zip, bzip2, and tar are improved. The Perforce Ant tasks have been removed; users of these tasks can use the tasks supplied by Perforce Inc. instead, which contain more functionality and connect natively to the Perforce servers. There are numerous bugfixes and improvements as documented in Bugzilla and in the release notes.

            Recent comments

            30 Mar 2012 06:55 qaz002

            Really good Java tool

            11 Jul 2004 21:11 mattryan

            Arguably the Best Build Tool Ever
            I never liked the syntax of GNU makefiles. I used a shell script to build C++ projects from scratch instead of `make`. When I was hired as a Java developer, one of my tasks was to get familiar with the build process since I would be responsible for making any changes to it. So I had to learn about some tool called Ant, which was described to me as `make` for Java. Well I wasn't too thrilled with this idea since I hated `make`. However, within 5 minutes of sitting down with an Ant book and reading sample Ant scripts, I was hooked.

            Ant is the killer Java utility. A must-have for any Java project. It takes a few minutes to create a basic build process using simple XML scripting. Ant shines with it's file set support so you can use wildcards to include or exclude certain files during a process. There are an abundant amount of tasks that can be used in Ant, ranging from FTP, Telnet, E-mail, CVS to JSP, EJB, RMI, and J2EE. Many Java utilities suitable for a build process such as JUnit and JProbe can be used within Ant.

            Ant has really made my job enjoyable!


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