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Animmerger stitches 2D images together into either a static image or an animation, while attempting to preserve a global frame of reference (static background). That is, for a movie that follows an actor around (and the background scrolls to follow them), it creates a movie that has a fixed background, and the camera moves around in the scene. The most obvious application of animmerger is in automatic map stitching for 2D video games, but there are many general purposes for which the program can be used. Its color quantization and dithering algorithm set is particularly advanced.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  07 Jul 2013 01:24

    Release Notes: This release improves support for more modern C++ compilers, improves performance, and adds new commandline options.

    •  16 Feb 2011 03:01

      Release Notes: The dithering algorithms have been completely rewritten, offering a very sophisticated set of parameters to the quantization and dithering of animations and static images. Support was also added for formulaic image transformations using a high performance function parser library.

      •  06 Jan 2011 21:57

        Release Notes: This release adds new pixel methods and adds an entirely new class of features aiming to compensate for areas in source pictures marked unusable ("masked"). The color quantization (palettization) and dithering features were also significantly improved.


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