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Anchor automatically adds curly braces and semicolons to code written in various programming languages, saving typing and making programs easier to read. It lets you pretend to be coding in Python or Lua while actually writing standard C, Java, PHP, C++, .NET, C#, or D. A script may generate files in the target language and invoke the compiler. An example bash script integrates with TCC to make runnable "scripts" with the speed of C. The scripts are easily modified to target another compiler or interpreter.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  18 Mar 2012 16:15

    Release Notes: The documentation was updated with examples of executable C scripts using the new simplified syntax. The commands are now better explained and links to similar tools are included. An example Makefile rule was added. A -keep command was added to keep a copy of temporary .c source code around for debugging.

    •  03 Mar 2012 11:18

      Release Notes: This release enables argument passing from the shebang line in source files. (it was not impossible after all). The handling of enumeration defines has significantly improved, but declaring a variable of type enum won't work without a semicolon. See test.anch for examples. Documentation updates have been made. Using the -p option will leave the #define on its own line. Users may want to update the lexer in their favorite IDE or text editor for proper syntax highlighting and hints when composing .anch sources for their programming language of choice.

      •  10 Dec 2010 12:40

        Release Notes: The bracket adding algorithm was changed so that it stays within #ifdef and comment blocks. Cases where comments were appearing on the wrong lines were fixed.

        •  27 Nov 2010 05:53

          Release Notes: Handling of in-line C-style comments was fixed. Several matching rules were rewritten.

          •  23 Nov 2010 08:36

            Release Notes: -tabs and -drop options were added. Many tests were run. Bugs and corner cases with earlier options were fixed.


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