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AML is an implementation of a basic register machine coded in C++. It provides all of the rudimentary features of any machine language like basic I/O and arithmetic but provides a very easy syntax and its own portable binary compression scheme for storing files. AML is currently distributed on SunOS 5.5, Linux 2.2, and Win32 console.


Recent releases

  •  07 Mar 2000 05:07

    Release Notes: Support for virtually unlimited numbers of memory cells, ability to accomodate very long instruction words with even more accuracy than before, some optimizations to the core parser, better syntax checking in the editor, and a whole new method of saving and opening files that is still backwards compatible with the original AML versions.

    •  08 Aug 1999 08:46

      Release Notes: Added more new commands and upated the virtual machine. Added SunOS port. Changed licensing details. Updated source listings.

      •  04 Mar 1999 13:34

        Release Notes: Added new operations, commented source code for Linux for easier user modifications and optimized the run-time engine for speed. Fixed a few bugs related to file input/output as well.

        •  24 Feb 1999 14:57

          Release Notes: Fixed a few memory leaks and improved the ASM support module. The jump_back register is now fully functional and provides full recursive capabilities. Fixed a few problems with loading and saving and optimized the code to run faster with a new dynamic memory model.

          •  20 Feb 1999 16:37

            Release Notes: Added support for function calls within functions to allow for recursion. Also, updated source code.


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