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AMIDI-Plug is a MIDI subsystem for XMMS, BMP, and Audacious. It processes MIDI files and sends their events to one of the available backends (currently ALSA, FluidSynth, dummy). With the ALSA backend, any hardware or software synthesizer, as long as it provides ALSA sequence ports, can be used to play MIDI with AMIDI-Plug. With the FluidSynth backend, AMIDI-Plug directly accesses the FluidSynth library for MIDI playback and sends the generated audio into effect and output plugins of the player. A dummy backend is also provided for testing and analysis purposes. Playback is fully functional: play, stop, seek, pause, song information are available.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  13 Nov 2006 06:00

    Release Notes: This release introduces a couple of new playback options: a transposer to play MIDI files in different keys, and a drum shifter to change percussion. It uses the Audacious VFS API to load files.

    •  12 Sep 2006 05:08

      Release Notes: Among other improvements, it is now possible to extract and display lyrics/comments contained in MIDI files and to load multiple soundfonts with the fluidsynth backend. This release also brings some stability fixes, mostly for the GTK+ 1 (xmms) version.

      •  13 Jul 2006 18:00

        Release Notes: This release has been redesigned and gmodulized; now it uses runtime-loadable backends for MIDI events handling and playback. It doesn't depend on ALSA anymore, aside from its ALSA backend, which means it can be used on non-Linux systems too. Three backends are included in the source code: ALSA (basically does everything amidi-plug was able to do in previous versions), FluidSynth (a software synth backend that can pipe audio into effect and output plugins of the player), and dummy (for analysis and testing).

        •  03 Apr 2006 18:16

          Release Notes: This release adds an option to pre-calculate the length of each MIDI file (when get_song_info is called, i.e. when files are added in a playlist). A volume checking function has been added (LIRC and other remote control plugins should work correctly when changing volume now). There are internal improvements and fixes.


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