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A.M.I.C.U.S. (Automatic Multimedia Installation Configuration Utility System) helps users quickly and easily install and configure MythTV on generic PC hardware. It uses the Debian Netinst CD to install GNU/Linux and just the required packages to allow a functional MythTV on low end hardware.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  03 Apr 2006 22:56

    Release Notes: This release adds HD3000 detection and support, PVR-350 TV-out video playback support, ATI video card support, PVR-350 X on TV-out support, Zoran tuner support, and more done/not done status. There are ALSA configuration improvements. Xvesa is used as the X server during configuration. This release checks whether it is connected to the Internet before apt-get. It has a fix for gnupg errors on apt-get. Numerous minor errors and bugs have been fixed. This release is available as a script to install with Debian Netinst or as a self booting CD ISO image. There are more fixes for the MySQL access denied bug.

    •  04 Mar 2006 15:25

      Release Notes: This release supports the Hauppauge PVR-x50 and BT8x8 tuners and includes a bootable CD ISO image with a Debian Testing installation and all the .debs needed for MythTV.

      •  18 Feb 2006 05:37

        Release Notes: This release added automatic clock synchronization and an automatic MythTV frontend on boot, fixed the option for compiling MythTV from source, added an option to compile XViD, x264, and MPlayer from source, added the MythTV 0.19 package sources, and added a configure frontend only option.

        •  11 Feb 2006 08:54

          Release Notes: All major functions for installing MythTV are working. Some configuration functions such as ivtv support and compiling from source are still in development.

          Recent comments

          05 Apr 2006 04:24 lynchaj

          Testers and developers for AMICUS wanted

          If you would like to help in the AMICUS project as a tester or a developer, please contact me through the amicus-users mailing list.

          If you found that a feature did not work correctly for you or would like one added, I need to hear from you!

          If you have had trouble installing MythTV, I will be glad to help you as best I can installing it with the AMICUS script.

          Thank you!

          If you cannot join the mailing list, you can contact me directly via:

          lynchaj .at. users .dot. sourceforge .dot. net

          Andrew Lynch

          11 Mar 2006 11:54 lynchaj

          HD3000 support started

          I have been working on adding HD 3000 tuner support. I have just posted the first revision (c) of pre-release AMICUS 0.04. It is early and needs testing but I can get it to work so that is a positive development.

          The latest pre-release revision also includes a bunch of bug fixes and usability improvements from the recent testing.


          Andrew Lynch

          25 Feb 2006 20:37 lynchaj

          IVTV support, CD ISO pre-loaded with packages

          I just posted a new pre-release of the AMICUS script that supports IVTV (Hauppauge PVR-x50) and the BT8x8 tuners. In addition, I posted a CD ISO image of self booting CD that will install Debian Testing Netinst and all the packages pre-loaded in place for an easy install.

          The CD ISO script is already obsolete so if you are seeking IVTV support or the most current script you should install from the CD ISO and then download the latest script (amicus-pre-b-0.03) and overwrite the one the CD installed in /root


          Andrew Lynch

          14 Feb 2006 19:19 lynchaj

          I posted pre-release revision b for AMICUS version 0.02 on the main project page. The pre-release version can now compile XViD/x264/MPlayer from source and has an updated MythTV 0.19 compile from source option.

          I am looking for some candidates new to MythTV and/or Linux who would like some help getting their MythTV PVRs up and running in return for helping me test AMICUS.

          If you are interested, please join up on the project page mailing list, tell me a bit about yourself and your PC you'd like to install on. Then we can begin walking you through the process.


          Andrew Lynch

          14 Feb 2006 09:02 lynchaj

          amicus-pre-b-0.02 update
          I am currently testing the refining the "Build x264/XVid/MPlayer from source" option. It seems to work on my machine now. That feature will be put in the AMICUS version 0.02 pre-release b revision.

          Still looking for some brave testers so I can test and debug the ivtv install/configuration option. It is a major feature in 0.02 so I'd like to get going on it as soon as possible.


          Andrew Lynch


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