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22 May 2005 02:19 contusion

Amaya 9.1 released!
Amaya 9.1 has been released.

29 Apr 2000 00:58 yositune

Amaya 3.1
A very interesting emerging tool. Extremely feature rich editor. Default keybindings are... perhaps not very intuitive. Editing list items is alittle cumbersome. Table editing allows for instant creation of new cells (two CR's) but no resizing of cells.

Wasn't able to get it to allow accepting input from Input Methods despite being built with GTK. I18N efforts needed.

Not quite where I'd chuck Netscape-composer for WYSIWYG editing, but very close.

The browsing 4.0 HTML is wonderful, but... where can I find such clean web pages... ;<

28 Apr 2000 22:32 rottcodd

The neat thing about this browser is the MathML support--
It's equation handling is *really* neat.
I have had stability problems, but it's never frozen X (unlike, for example, Netscape).


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