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Alzabo is a two-fold program. Its first function is as a data modelling tool. Through either a schema creation interface or a custom Perl program, it allows a programmer to create a set of schema, table, column, etc. objects that represent a data model. Alzabo is also capable of reverse engineering an existing data model. Its second function is as a RDBMS-to-object mapping system. Once you have created a schema, you can use Alzabo classes to access its data. These classes offer a high-level interface to common operations such as SQL SELECT, INSERT, DELETE, and UPDATE commands.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  25 Oct 2003 06:11

    Release Notes: A number of feature enhancements and code and documentation fixes were made, resulting in a few backwards incompatibilities. This release features much improved Postgres support, a new, simpler caching system, and many smaller changes.

    •  06 Apr 2003 19:44

      Release Notes: This release adds several important features, including support for HAVING clauses, restrictions on outer joins, and the ability to track table and column renames across changes so that data is never lost when updating the database schema.

      •  21 Nov 2002 20:37

        Release Notes: This release adds a number of bugfixes and improved debugging options.

        •  20 Sep 2002 00:36

          Release Notes: This release adds a number of bugfixes, including one fixing a data-destroying bug in Alzabo's schema creation side.

          •  21 Jul 2002 04:15

            Release Notes: This release features a number of new features (mostly minor convenience features), a number of non-critical bugfixes, and a noticeable performance improvement for the Alzabo::Runtime::* classes.


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