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Alumni-OnLine is a PHP/DBMS-based program to make a connection between alumni. Sending messages and searching for someone is so easy. It has different levels of user rights, and is easy to install, configure, and use.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  04 Sep 2004 09:04

    Release Notes: Each module can now have separate containers. Automatic error reporting was cancelled and a "Forget password" option was added to the login form. Various bugs were fixed.

    •  25 Aug 2004 10:58

      Release Notes: In this version, with the new template system, one can design templates with no PHP knowledge. An exception viewer helps system administrators to see exceptions as well as submitting them to a SmartCoding Tracker system. User management has been improved. System administrators can assign user rights for each tab, as well as for each module within tabs. There is also a new module system that allows contributers to extend Alumni-Online easily. The ADOdb library is used for the database layer.

      •  08 Nov 2002 18:40

        Release Notes: Users can "self-register" with the site. The administrator can choose which message to send to the new users. Some bugs have been corrected. A new users list can be seen in the "Newcomers" section. The administrator can change a user's information. A photo album has been added. New fields have been added to the user information (ICQ, MSN, and Yahoo!).

        •  28 Sep 2002 09:35

          Release Notes: System security was rearranged, a message board was added, and it is no longer necessary to place Alumni-OnLine at root directory of your Web server. Paging in listings is now available (such as in the user or news lists), a username field was added to the ao_users table, and users can now users select any non-spacing word as their username.

          •  18 Aug 2002 08:57

            Release Notes: Editing and deleting operations on the news can now be performed by the links near the news items. Faculties and departments can now edit using a link in the admin menu (departments.php). A User List section was added, which lists all users in the system. Any user can now be deleted. A problem with quotes when saving the news into the database was corrected.

            Recent comments

            28 Jun 2004 05:20 fatihboy

            v3.0.0.0 Documentation (cvs) avaliable
            Documentation for AO v3.0.0.0CVS is avaliable at

            Note that it is documentation for cvs version and subject to change!

            28 Jun 2004 05:19 fatihboy

            v3.0.0.0 (cvs) version is avaliable
            v3.0.0.0 (cvs) version is avaliable for developers and contributers at

            07 Jun 2004 05:16 fatihboy

            Back to Coding :)
            I've so limited time to code AO; but now back to coding, and start coding AO from the beginning.

            I hope you will enjoy new AO :)

            Here is some features:

            * Template framework

            * modular system

            * easier administration

            Wait for AO v3.0....

            05 May 2003 15:04 robertmf

            Re: Comprehensive rating

            > Sorry, forgot one more thing. Very
            > little documentation and some is in
            > another language.

            The "another language" is Turkish :-PP

            Your comments are interesting ..umm.. I'm looking for a workable php/mysql to handle my alumni project - but don't have the expertise to polish off the AO code.

            Since you've invested the time, how about you start up a similar project or make your code available to Fatih_Boy in Turkey. I assume he is a ugrad.

            21 Apr 2003 01:23 jasonrocks

            Re: Comprehensive rating
            Sorry, forgot one more thing. Very little documentation and some is in another language.


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