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02 Jun 2012 06:22 maurarvsn

Very good player. thanks

08 Dec 2003 11:23 NeilWatson

Re: Alsaplayer breaths quality.
Agreed. The ability to edit your play list in real time would be nice too.

04 Oct 2003 11:55 shwag

Re: Call it 'Salsa'
Salsa = Sexy ALSA

27 Aug 2003 20:55 salsadoom

Re: Call it 'Salsa'

> It's a much sexier name.

Word up. I totally agree. "Salsa." yeah.


15 Jan 2003 12:15 slpyhd

Alsaplayer breaths quality.
The only thing lacking now is propper no nonsense playlist management/handling this would make it much more popular and usable. ( things like recursive adding of directory's containing media etc. are a must imo)
The pitch controll is really impressive though !

01 May 2002 05:25 CharlieG

Call it 'Salsa'
It's a much sexier name.


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