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04 Feb 2003 12:06 florinandrei

ChangeLog link, please?
It would be nice if the project would have a ChangeLog accessible without downloading the tarball. This way people can sync up with the latest additions in a very simple and quick fashion. IMO, this is a must-have for any open source project.

06 Dec 1999 12:35 shaman

Solaris x86
I sure would like to see this extended to Solaris x86.

27 Oct 1999 15:33 ahermans

Re: ALSA don't work
If you need support with ALSA please look at and/or write to the mailing list.

We are always glad to help.

28 Sep 1999 12:28 fringd

ALSA don't work
i like that it's opensource and better and stuff.
but i can't make it work. this sucks. anyone know
where more help is available? i've tried the INSTALL
and the mini-HOWTO, but i'm lost.

25 Jul 1999 23:04 schmoko

ALSA is very good.
I've been using ALSA for several months, and my experience has been very good. The sound quality is MUCH higher on my OPL3-SAx than it was with the OSS drivers, and it was in fact easier for me to install. I've reccomneded ALSA to several people since then, and they've all preferred it to OSS as well.
Ignore the naysayers here, ALSA is a very good thing and you should give it a try.

24 Jul 1999 20:01 firehawk

Alsa is great.
I love ALSA. Easily set up, easily configured, and great program. I have an AWE 64 sound card which works wonderfully with it, and a ViBRA 16 which doesn't, but I am not surprised, as even OSS is capable of getting it working in 8 bit. Creative seems to have a problem giving the specs on the Vibra. (It uses 2 8-bit DMAs for 16-bit sound.) Anyway, ALSA is great, if you can't get it working, then just stick with OSS, or read the manuals, cuz you don't know what you're missing.


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