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AlphaMail is a mod_perl webmail system with a C++ middleware component that is intended to make the system highly scalable. It supports many Unix variants with any RFC-compliant IMAP server (including UW, Cyrus, and Dovecot).


Recent releases

  •  09 Nov 2007 09:10

    Release Notes: This release does not contain bugfixes that affect existing installations. One fix prevents bad chmod on /var/log during initial configuration. It also includes the ability to use SSL IMAP on non-standard ports.

    •  28 Sep 2007 10:38

      Release Notes: Minor bugfixes were made to the address book and the handling of improperly encoded folder names (which could potentially cause infinite loops containing memory allocation). A configurable parameter for login name field length was added.

      •  17 Sep 2007 20:37

        Release Notes: This release fixes an undocumented compile switch. It was defaulting to disable UTF-8 search, which most installations want. A bug in snippet decoding that was causing it to miss some base64 encoded data has been fixed. Another mimeword issue has been fixed. This one requires a patch to Mail-Tools to really be complete, since a bug was found in that library.

        •  13 Sep 2007 08:11

          Release Notes: A problem with mimeword decoding that was clipping some fields in compose and the address book was fixed. Encode::IMAPUTF7 was integrated into the code base along with a patch for it, avoiding problems with the old encoder from the CPAN Unicode package (pre .38) and the new one from the CPAN Encode package. A bug in the Web cache that prevented certain special characters (like quotes) in folder names was fixed.

          •  08 Sep 2007 06:58

            Release Notes: Several minor bugs affecting some UTF encodings were fixed along with bugs related to the address book and automated tests.

            Recent comments

            12 Jul 2007 17:48 tkay

            Re: Fedora Core RPMs

            > Due to popular demand, the yum

            > repositories are back online. See the

            > instructions at


            Oh, and these build support 16384 file descriptors, so they should work for pretty large installations.

            12 Jul 2007 17:46 tkay

            Fedora Core RPMs
            Due to popular demand, the yum repositories are back online. See the instructions at

            25 May 2007 14:29 tkay

            RPMs and Binary Distributions
            RPM and binary distribution has been suspended due to lack of development time.

            19 Jul 2006 13:08 tkay

            RPMs and Scalability
            The RPM releases of this system should work, but we do not have enough people to heavily test the dependencies, so dependency problems may still remain. Please read the admin guide for problem-solving strategies related to missing dependencies. I have had feedback that the source build reports dependency problems accurately for BSD, many variants of Linux, and OSX.

            Additionally, for large-scale mail systems (i.e. more than 10,000 users) you will need to build from source according to the instructions in the Admin Guide (see the section on Large Scale systems). This is due to the fact that most systems default to a 1024 limit on file descriptors for select(2).


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