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alph implements and analyzes historical and traditional ciphers and codes, such as polyalphabetic, substitutional, and mixed employing human-reconstructable algorithms. It provides a pipe filter interface in order to encrypt and decrypt block text to achieve transparency. The program is meant to be used in conjunction with external programs that transfer data, resulting in transparent encryption or decryption of information. The program can thus be used as a mail filter, IRC filter, IM filter, and so on.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  04 Jun 2008 07:38

    Release Notes: Combinations and permutations have been optimized and ALBERTI, LEWIS, ROT-13, and MORSE have been cleaned and fixed. This release also introduces image steganography, allowing the users to hide messages within image files.

    •  07 Jul 2007 18:35

      Release Notes: Warnings for unstable cyphers have been added as well as the possibility to unscramble words based on a dictionary file. The tools section has been altered to accept pipe strings instead of file operations.

      •  22 May 2006 15:43

        Release Notes: Some improper VERNAM file handling has been fixed and a new option for file IO has been implemented. Users with older Windows platforms now have the posibility of using files instead of named pipes. The manpage has been updated to reflect the changes.

        •  11 Apr 2006 20:29

          Release Notes: Two new cyphers were added, the Nihilist cypher and the M Del Vayo. The latter implements the straddling checkerboard technique. The man page was updated accordingly.

          •  24 Feb 2006 11:23

            Release Notes: Two new ciphers were added: BEALE and ZIGZAG. The permutation and combination tools were modified regarding the output file handling. Some hash function returns were fixed and some unused variables were removed. The special character in the help output was supressed and the cipher count was corrected. The manpage was updated to reflect the changes.


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