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WebWarper Site Optimizer

WebWarper Site Optimizer aims to reduce the download time and data rate of the pages of your Web site via automatic dynamic compression of all Web pages using gzip. Compression speed is about 200-500 Kb/sec on Pentium-500 and tends to compress by 2-10 times. As most machines are bandwidth limited, not CPU limited, the decompression cost is amortized through the increased transfer rate. WebWarper Pro does not require any special software. It works on both Apache and MS IIS.


Recent releases

  •  06 May 2001 15:39

    Release Notes: This version is an almost complete rewrite. A Perl module containing a Perl implementation of the GZip algorithm is now included. This allows you to do without an installation of the Compress::Zlib library. Installation has been simplified. Most of the "redundant" HTML-code has been deleted, including comments, empty lines, and extra space characters. The price of a Web-Site-License has been lowered from $300 to $99.

    •  31 Oct 2000 01:15

      Release Notes: Hard timeouts have been added when loading pages to; now the public WebWarper service refuses to compress sites if access speed from the server to them is too low (before that, WebWarper was only slowing access to sites, uselessly consuming substantial resources of the server). A number of inconsistencies have been fixed. In particular, during site acceleration using WebWarper Pro, addresses of the accelerated pages do start not with or, but with,, because a pair of / symbols in an address can cause problems when registering in some search engines. Several new control variables were added in the configuration file: $wwBindAddress, $wwConnectionTimeout, $wwMinDownloadSpeed, $wwMinDownloadSizeForSpeedCalculation, $wwPostConnectionTimeout, and $wwPostMinDownloadSpeed. The WebWarper BIM utility did not change and kept the previous release number 2.005.

      •  13 Oct 2000 15:58

        Release Notes: The public version of WebWarper now operates under control of mod_perl. This new variant of WebWarper uses port 3128. WebWarper BIM was updated to provide correct interaction with the new WebWarper. Some bugs have been corrected. New control variables $wwumask, $wwRequiredDomain, $wwRequiredPort, and $wwRequiredDir have been added in the configuration file.

        •  07 Oct 2000 12:44

          Release Notes: AHP has been renamed "WebWarper" The means of diagnostics during installation of the program on a server have been enhanced. The installation instructions have been improved. In the previous version, compressed attached JavaScript files were incorrectly processed by caching proxy servers, and this could cause JavaScript errors in Netscape Communicator. This problem and other small bugs have been fixed in this version.

          •  29 Jul 2000 13:12

            Release Notes: The Demo version with restricted functionality for the commercial variant of AHP has appeared. The AHP Browser Integration Module (AHP BIM) has been improved; the automatic Web address correction mode has been implemented. A set of bugs has been corrected.

            Recent comments

            31 Oct 2000 06:05 siams

            Re: Hrmf...
            Dear Mr. Wilson, the method you described can work in simple situations. However, some problems can occur - please read the following:

  *#whyRarely (*#whyRarely)

            In particular, Internet Explorer sometimes "does not understand" gzipped pages, returned by Apache, at all, and Netscape Communicator doesn't cache these pages:

  *#whyRarelyApache (*#whyRarelyApache)

            10 Oct 2000 11:57 shaman

            This thing works.


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