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Aleph One is a 3D first-person shooter game based on the game Marathon 2 by Bungie Software. It is set in a Sci-Fi universe dominated by deviant computer AIs and features a well thought-out plot. Aleph One was originally a MacOS game, but a cross-platform version ("Aleph One/SDL") based on the Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL) library is currently under development which runs under Unix, BeOS, and Windows.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  20 Nov 2005 15:59

    Release Notes: This version is based on a new upstream release with improved Internet gaming, Lua scripting support, and lots of bugfixes.

    •  02 Sep 2001 19:37

      Release Notes: The HUD can now be rendered using OpenGL. Support for Marathon 2/Win95 data files and experimental support for 3D models have been added. A new command-line option "-m" for disabling gamma table effects was also added.

      •  29 Jan 2001 04:54

        Release Notes: Fading and gamma table effects have been implemented. Fullscreen vs. windowed mode is now selectable in the preferences dialog. Under BeOS, Marathon data files can be copied directly from Mac Marathon CD-ROMs. Aleph one supports Marathon 2 demo data files.

        •  08 Oct 2000 19:30

          Release Notes: Compatibility with SDL 1.1.5, support for GUI themes, screenshots (F9) work with OpenGL, and the LEPHONE_DATA environment variable can specify a colon-separated list of directories.

          •  14 Sep 2000 23:36

            Release Notes: Testing on Alpha and Sparc CPUs, functional low-resolution display (F3),removal of the need for "Resources" and "Pfhortran_Language_Definition" files, use of Ctrl-Shift-"Begin New Game" to allow selection of start level from list, and several bugfixes.


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