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04 Apr 2007 17:55 Anstat

Album is perfect for archiving digital photos
Because it:

* doesn't modify or move the original photos

* produces HTML output which won't be obsolete in 10 years, (unlike most other data formats)

* creates html from multiple directories with a single command

* can create intermediate-size photos (important for interactive performance at the MegaPixels go up)

* supports movie files, too

* supports display of EXIF data in the HTML output
(no need to click around in a special viewer)

20 May 2003 19:10 frijolito

Simple and powerful, what more could you want?
I literally was up and running 3 minutes after downloading this script. Highly recommended: it's extremely simple, and works perfectly the first time.

If you're in doubt, download it yourself, and if you don't like it, well, you will only have lost 3 minutes of your life.

20 Nov 2002 11:33 thebee

Re: Making the album script work under windows

> Wow, making album work under windows is
> as easy as putting cygwin on your
> windows PC so that windows can interpret
> ./ properly. Runs like a champ, and is
> *way* better than any for purchase album
> packages. Way to go Mr author! you da
> man!

Did you get ffmpeg working in CygWin? Cause I have no luck. Album works just great!

The Bee

13 Jun 2002 21:01 sin281

what a completely excellent little script. Many thanks to the creator!!!

15 Mar 2002 12:00 michelrodriguez

Very cool!

I had a bunch of scripts that did something similar, but album is much more professional and clean:
- one script does it all,
- it relies on convert and which usually work on most *nix systems, as opposed to ImageMagick which I never managed to compile,
- the file structure it generates is very neat and unostrusive,
- the source is quite easy to read (and tweak, see a slightly modified output (

Overall album strikes the perfect balance between simplicity (if I just drop the files from my digital camera in a directory they can be neatly online seconds later) and customization (I can come back later and add captions very easily)

Kudos to Dave

28 Jan 2002 12:40 tmueller

Perfect for archieving photos from my digital cam.
Just sort my photos in subdirs and watching them via browser with nice themes
(My favorite is W_Peterman).
Thanks a lot, Mr. Author

27 Dec 2001 23:30 daveola

Re: Just easyyyy.....
Please download the current ( version, it works fine.

And please submit feature requests and bug fixes directly to me instead of cluttering up this forum: Contact Info (

27 Dec 2001 10:13 LeonCheong

Re: Just easyyyy.....

> % ...It would perhaps be interesting
> % to treat directories in de same
> way?
> The captions file *does* treat
> directories the same way - try it! If
> you have any problems, let me know.

Not quite works. The captions work on album page
but on the the thumbnail page; the directory name is
used instead.

26 Nov 2001 13:03 merauder

Photo Album
Ive been searching for a good photo album for a while, this one is great and does exactly what i was looking for! Its small simple, and effective.. Great job!

04 Oct 2001 02:36 boynblack

the album
I love this script it has made my life much much easier, i don't know what i would do without it.



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