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album is a free HTML/XHTML photo album and gallery generator that supports themes/skins. You can choose different themes or write your own to get different layouts and styles. It creates all your thumbnails (including directory thumbnails) and descends into directories so you can organize your photos. See the home page for more examples. album is also multi-lingual, with many languages being added all the time. N.B.: The purchase link is provided for donations; the software does not cost anything.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  24 Feb 2014 06:09

    Release Notes: A bmall bugfix for video thumbnails with clip time.

    •  03 Feb 2014 11:12

      Release Notes: New plugins: social/facebook-comments, social/facebook-like, and images/exactimage. The speed of the plugin images/autorot has increased. A small 'has_thumb' bugfix.

      •  04 May 2013 14:11

        Release Notes: This release adds a new plugin, updates plugins, and switches ffmpeg to avconv.

        •  27 Sep 2012 14:21

          Release Notes: New plugins, new themes, new options, and code updates.

          •  12 Aug 2009 20:50

            Release Notes: This release fixes missing files in .deb and .rpm.

            Recent comments

            04 Apr 2007 17:55 Anstat

            Album is perfect for archiving digital photos
            Because it:

            * doesn't modify or move the original photos

            * produces HTML output which won't be obsolete in 10 years, (unlike most other data formats)

            * creates html from multiple directories with a single command

            * can create intermediate-size photos (important for interactive performance at the MegaPixels go up)

            * supports movie files, too

            * supports display of EXIF data in the HTML output
            (no need to click around in a special viewer)

            20 May 2003 19:10 frijolito

            Simple and powerful, what more could you want?
            I literally was up and running 3 minutes after downloading this script. Highly recommended: it's extremely simple, and works perfectly the first time.

            If you're in doubt, download it yourself, and if you don't like it, well, you will only have lost 3 minutes of your life.

            20 Nov 2002 11:33 thebee

            Re: Making the album script work under windows

            > Wow, making album work under windows is
            > as easy as putting cygwin on your
            > windows PC so that windows can interpret
            > ./ properly. Runs like a champ, and is
            > *way* better than any for purchase album
            > packages. Way to go Mr author! you da
            > man!

            Did you get ffmpeg working in CygWin? Cause I have no luck. Album works just great!

            The Bee

            13 Jun 2002 21:01 sin281

            what a completely excellent little script. Many thanks to the creator!!!

            15 Mar 2002 12:00 michelrodriguez

            Very cool!

            I had a bunch of scripts that did something similar, but album is much more professional and clean:
            - one script does it all,
            - it relies on convert and which usually work on most *nix systems, as opposed to ImageMagick which I never managed to compile,
            - the file structure it generates is very neat and unostrusive,
            - the source is quite easy to read (and tweak, see a slightly modified output (

            Overall album strikes the perfect balance between simplicity (if I just drop the files from my digital camera in a directory they can be neatly online seconds later) and customization (I can come back later and add captions very easily)

            Kudos to Dave


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