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The AKFQuiz package lets you easily make your own quiz games or learning exercises. These can be used either with grquiz in a graphical environment (SDL), with crtquiz on a text terminal, or with diaquiz in a GUI environment. There is also a line oriented variant, linequiz, which can be used as a backend. A CGI-variant can be installed on a Web server to offer exercises via the Web. A mkquiz tool that generates an HTML file for to use with the JavaScript akfquiz5.js is also included. Those can then be published with any Web-space provider.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  23 Aug 2007 15:10

    Release Notes: This version was relicensed under GPLv3 or later. There are some bugfixes and some other changes.

    •  02 Nov 2006 17:22

      Release Notes: This release is easier to install from source (and more "standard"). You can use the SDL with GNU Pascal. There are many improvements in cgiquiz, particularly a new exam mode that is usable for real exams (still experimental).

      •  28 May 2006 16:13

        Release Notes: There are some bugfixes and improvements in grquiz: you can toggle between window and full screen mode while grquiz is running, it has some sound support, and it registers a runtime icon. The internal file choosers of grquiz and scrquiz were improved, and the elapsed time is shown at the end of a quiz. The charset converters have been improved a little.

        •  07 May 2006 08:40

          Release Notes: Some new keywords for quizfiles were added. The relocation algorithm was improved. grquiz now has better handling for questions/answers which don't fit on one single screen. It also starts with an info-screen and has some more eye-candy. akfquiz.cgi was renamed to cgiquiz. crtquiz was renamed to scrquiz, and it can handle very small screens now. There are binaries for GNU/Linux on devices with ARM processors.

          •  23 Jan 2006 22:11

            Release Notes: The search algorithm to locate quizfiles has been changed. mkquiz saves the quiz in the HTML file in a way that the HTML file can still be used as a normal quiz file. The author, translator, etc. are shown at the top of the HTML file. There are new keywords: "license:" and "licenseURI:". It is easier to exchange the background image for grquiz (must be recompiled). There are some other minor fixes and improvements.

            Recent comments

            30 Dec 2005 00:13 AKFoerster

            feedback, please
            I'd like to become a little more feedback for my project.

            Does anybody miss the binaries for SVGAlib? It would still be possible to compile them, but without mouse suppoert.

            Does anybody miss the binaries for FreeBSD? I would appreciate help with that.

            What are your experiences with the autopackage?

            Where and how do you use my programs? Why does nobody use the possability to upload quiz-files? Any hints?


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