Comments for A Joint Monitoring System

13 Oct 2002 11:00 argray

Re: Nice tool, install need refinement...
We put some thought into providing an install script
but concluded that the effort that would be
required to produce a reliable install on all Unix
platforms was too much to justify. Very difficult to achieve on all unix platforms, without creating
the possibility of totally messing up syslog configuration. Better we felt to put that effort into developing the software.

There is not currently a way of changing colour
scheme in the standalone. Most people seem to
want to use the applet anyway. May add this
facility later.

Pause function: Again we've scratched our heads
over this one for some time, it's a obvious thing
to add to the GUI. However, the problem is
what to do with the data that's potentially
streaming in from syslog, you can only buffer a
certain amount then you have to start dumping.

Any ideas ?

05 Oct 2002 05:53 rtm

Nice tool, install need refinement...
Useful system admin tool. Not enough SA's keep
an eye on their logs, and this should help a lot.

I already use syslog-ng, and so the server part was
very simple. The applet was a bit of an
exercise however.

The whole thing really needs an installation script, but once in it seemed very solid and did what
the (wordy) documentation said it would.

Some way of pausing the scrolling would be useful,
and I could not find a way of changing the colors
in the application version of the client ?


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