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aicwl is an Ada library that is intended for designing high-quality industrial control widgets for Ada applications. The widgets are composed of transparent layers drawn by cairo. The widgets are fully scalable graphics. A time controlled refresh policy is supported for real-time and heavy-duty applications. The library supports caching graphical operations and stream I/O for serialization and deserialization. Ready-to-use gauge and meter widgets are provided as samples as well as an editor widget for WYSIWYG design of complex dashboards. The software is based on GtkAda and cairoada, the Ada bindings to GTK+ and cairo.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  14 Jun 2014 09:29

    Release Notes: The library was adapted to GTK+ 3 and GtkAda 3.x. cairo functionality was switched to native GtkAda bindings.

    •  11 Aug 2012 06:36

      Release Notes: A bug in Gtk.Layered.Line that caused lines to be drawn with the wrong length was fixed. Length of scales and annotation computations were improved. Various thermometer widgets were added. LED widgets were added. Digital_Layer rendering changing values as text was added.

      •  13 May 2012 19:07

        Release Notes: A sample of asynchronous plotting has been added. A memory leak while drawing graph paper annotations was fixed. A graph paper annotations formatting flag to enable or disable superscript numbers was added.

        •  01 May 2012 07:17

          Release Notes: A bug in waveform sampling where the amplifier was sometimes permanently rescaled when in auto-scale mode was fixed. Rendering waveform annotations was changed to prevent values being shown as xxx*10**0.

          •  24 Jan 2012 21:04

            Release Notes: This release introduces waveform layers and multi-channel oscilloscope widgets for rendering massive amounts of data in real-time, with data sampled asynchronously to rendering. The oscilloscope widget can be used for plotting purposes as well. The widget supports graph papers, annotated axes, auto- and manual scaling, visual zooming, zooming undo/redo buffers, and mouse hovering. All widgets support rendering of snapshots on the surfaces supported by Cairo, e.g. into a PDF or SVG file. The library is fully compatible with the GtkAda versions 2.14, 2.18, and 2.24.


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