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Nanoweb is a modular Web server written in PHP. It is designed to be small, secure, and extensible. It is HTTP/1.1 compliant and has decent performance, CGI and FastCGI support, a nice configuration system, name-based virtual hosts, server side includes, authentication, gzip content encoding support, Apache combined format and MySQL logging, and many advanced features.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  11 Aug 2006 04:41

    Release Notes: Options were added in nanoctl for managing the internal address block list. The mod_blockadm helper module was added for the new nanoctl options (block/unblock). mod_nospam was added, a generic GET and POST content scanner based on regex. A bug with mod_cgi and environment variables on Win32 was fixed. Responses for requests having an "Expect: 100-continue" header were fixed. Detection of duplicate request headers was fixed. A small bug with duplicate error pages in single process mode was fixed.

    •  10 May 2005 13:52

      Release Notes: Logger processes are now restarted when receiving SIGHUP. Automatic directory redirection was fixed to handle query strings correctly. The "FATAL: socket bind failed" error when restarting with open connections was fixed. A FastCGI packet encoding bug in mod_fcgi was fixed. Erroneous debug logging when using the AuthLocation directive was fixed. A problem in which reloading did not re-resolve symbolic links in DocumentRoot directives was fixed. The default Windows config files were fixed to set "KeepAlive = 0". FastCGI packet encoding and decoding in mod_fcgi was optimized.

      •  09 Jan 2005 20:32

        Release Notes: This release adds detection of phpbb exploits and other HTTP issues via mod_worms. It fixes OS detection so that Cygwin is no longer treated as Unix, fixes access files not being read in allowed subdirectories for symlinks, and fixes a bug when using multiple LoadTheme and/or ServerTheme in the same scope.

        •  16 Oct 2004 19:33

          Release Notes: Forward dns lookup on resolved hostnames was added to validate the responses. mod_access_referer, which denies access if the referer is from external site, was added. Server process uptimes are now displayed in "nanoctl status who". A warning message when not using "KeepAlive=0" in single process mode was added. A small bug in the handling of null parser object responses was fixed. The "Max execution time exceeded" problem in single process mode was fixed.

          •  15 Aug 2004 15:03

            Release Notes: This release is the first to support PHP5. For the moment, it doesn't take advantage of PHP5's new features, but at least all the compatibility problems have been fixed. Sorting of directories in mod_fb using the chosen file order has been added. Reopening of standard input in daemon initialization code has been fixed.


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