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Aglaophone is a system of interconnectable modules for the recording, processing, and playback of real-time audio. It features a real-time spectrogram display for visualization along with a number of processing modules. Modules include filters, downsamplers, upsamplers, and quantizers. An MP3 comparison module allows interactive blind comparison of MP3 encoded audio with CD audio, demonstrations of spectral imaging, quantization, and Smith-Barnwell filter bank based wavelet decomposition are included, and there is a module that can perform an automatic spectral analysis of a speaker system.


Recent releases

  •  02 Aug 2002 00:58

    Release Notes: Support for ALSA 0.9.x, improved spectrogram display (improved interpolator, log frequency support), improved MP3 comparison support, OGG Vorbis support, interactive hearing tests, and various bugfixes.

    •  20 Nov 2001 06:24

      Release Notes: This release features minor bugfixes, usability improvements, component upgrades, and installation enhancements.

      •  24 Jul 2000 23:29

        Release Notes: New configuration files demonstrating the filter-bank based wavelet transform are provided. The demonstration decomposes the sound into eight frequency subbands and allows selective quantization in each subband. Various bugfixes were also made.

        •  08 Apr 2000 17:46

          Release Notes: ALSA is now supported as the primary sound driver (duplex mode works much better), support for many more encoders in the MP3 comparison gateway, a new "analyzer" module which allows spectral analysis of speaker systems, improved documentation, and many bugfixes.

          •  03 Sep 1999 07:37

            Release Notes: New filtering/upsampling/downsampling modules, simplified protocol, improved documentation, more demos.


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