Comments for Agilo for Scrum

11 May 2010 15:12 basys

I'm using Agilo Pro for Scrum in an Open Source Project ( and also at the University of Applied Sciences, Frankfurt am Main, in research projects together with students, professors and laboratory engineers. The feedback from them is very positive. This tool supports excellent the Development Process of Scrum. Agilo for Scrum is well documented in the online help. It's easy to install and the administration interface is good, and almost everything can be configured to individual flavor. The extend functionality of the Pro Version (like the Whiteboard) are very helpful to understand the Scrum Process and working with the Sprint in the Sprint planning and daily scrums. The new tickets, like User Story, have reasonable properties and are very useful to describe an requirement in the Scrum Process. The Product and Sprint Backlogs has nice different views of the acual development state and a good overview to their tickets with good sorting possibilities. With these views, it is very easy to handle the project management process with Scrum. The Burndown Chart and other graphical outputs, which displays the development state are excellent, but I didn't found how to configure the dashboard and these views. During the complete setup, configuration and handling I hadn't any problems and found no bugs.

A nice to have feature will be the export of tickets to csv files or a complete backup solution for a whole project. I didn't figure out how to delete a ticket, or why this feature is not implemented yet. Only delete tickets from csv files is supported. But if I have no export possibility that feature is not very usable for me. But I think these requirements are issues for trac.

I have also experiences in working with other tools like Mingle from Thoughtworks, but finally I prefer to work with Agilo fro Scrum!

Great commendation to the the agilo42 team! These acknowledgments goes also to the Trac development team, which do a great work to build the basic system for Agilo.

Thanks a lot for that tool!

03 May 2010 17:30 cjohner

I'm using Agilo for both, a charity project ( and for student projects. Agilo helps us to structure our projects very easily and trac progress. it is also perfect for teaching students the basics of agile development. It also is THE tool for everyone who has read the bood "Head First - Software Engineering", since the white board is exactly reflecting the images in the book. It took me only a bit to install and figure out how to support multiple-projects. But now it works like a champ!

30 Apr 2010 07:36 agila08

Agilo has many new features in the meanwhile. Interactive Whiteboard, Historic Burn down chart... and more will come...

11 May 2009 08:38 mhaecker

As one of the devs of this, I really love the feature that just as with trac itself, one can easily close a task or set the remaining time on it with a subversion commit. This makes it really a breeze to interact with the tool and it almost becomes invisible in the day to day work.

Just as a good tool should!

07 May 2008 03:09 Mary40

Agilo for Scrum Virtual Machine
Thanks for the VM with the full installation of Agilo. Now its

really easy to use.


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