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Agilian is a complete modeling environment designed for applying agile modeling. Agilian removes the limitation of notations. Architects, project managers, analysts, designers, and developers can express their ideas freely with any notation which is suitable.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  11 Jan 2010 08:08

    Release Notes: New features include write operation procedures for business process, the ability to specify testing procedures, a BPMN conversation diagram, the ability to design a UML profile, project management properties, automatic translation, and automatic expansion of diagram margin. Enhanced features include the flow of events editor, the glossary grid, business process modeling, Visual Diff, Animacian, concurrent modeling with VP Teamwork server, rich text documentation, Matrix, the report template designer, generation of MS Word 2007 reports, and ad hoc report creation.

    •  21 Apr 2009 07:21

      Release Notes: New features in this release includes the ability to reference another project's model element, to compare diagrams visually, and to draw diagrams with freehand shapes. Styles and layers are supported. Line jumps are shown in Arc, Square, Skip, or normal. The connector caption base is now aligned on connector orientation. 10 existing features were enhanced and more than 17 bugs were fixed.

      •  13 Jun 2008 10:01

        Release Notes: This release introduces Event-driven Process Chain Diagram, Process Map Diagram, and Organization Charts. Enhancements include support for traceability by using Diagram Transitor, copying diagram elements as XML, support for importing Rational Software Architect project files, and support for smart layout in the Mind Mapping Diagram. Sequence Diagram was enhanced to support duration and time constraint. Mind Mapping Diagram was enhanced to have better visual representation. This release includes 8 major new features, 4 enhanced features, and nearly 50 bugfixes.

        •  06 Feb 2008 08:38

          Release Notes: New features include support for mind mapping diagrams for organizing ideas and thoughts, the ability to define Requirement types and display them in Tabular view, more robust annotation support via Callout and Freehand shape, the ability to open up alternative views from models or shapes, the ability to create translated copies of a model through the use of Nicknamer, and Perforce integration. In addition, Report Writer has been upgraded to use a newer version of the engine, which makes it more stable and allows it to edit both the model and report simultaneously.

          •  03 Oct 2007 09:45

            Release Notes: A bookmark is supported for linked to diagrams and shapes. Another new feature is handi-selection. You can now select shapes from within the range of any of the four sides of the mouse cursor position. Importing your work done in Telelogic Rhapsody into Visual Paradigm is supported. Multiple revisions can be exported from VP Teamwork Server, Subversion, and CVS repositories. The usability of Sequence Diagram was increased a lot, as Sequence Diagrams are the most popular diagrams used for dynamic modeling. There are also a number of enhancements for various other features.


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