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AFNIX programming language

AFNIX is a multi-threaded functional writing system with dynamic symbol bindings that support the object oriented paradigm. It has a rich set of features providing runtime compatibility with C++. The engine runs on both 32- and 64-bit platforms, and it is designed to be portable across platforms.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  01 Jan 2012 16:56

    Release Notes: This is a platform update release that incorporates the full support of the SuperH processor as well as the GNU Hurd platform. The core engine has been updated with UNICODE 6.0.0, and specific development has been done in the math module and physics service.

    •  26 Aug 2011 17:13

      Release Notes: This is an intermediate release that incorporates a dramatic change in the mathematical library, which is followed by the inclusion of a new 'Physics' service. A new service that deploy the 'svg' standard has also been added.

      •  14 Jan 2011 22:36

        Release Notes: This is a major rewrite of the multi-threaded core interpreter with numerous extensions. The system is now designed to handle a large block of threads with advanced pool allocators. The memory management has been cleaned up in preparation for a new engine. The telecom module has been added and the mathemical module has been considerably extended with support for linear algebra. The concept of interpreter communication is now deployed, thus enabling remote form execution. Finally, the documentation has been substantially rewritten.

        •  30 Jul 2009 12:38

          Release Notes: This release incorporates numerous engine enhancements well as new features in the standard I/O and security modules. The object memory management has been cleaned-up and the string normalization process has been improved for efficiency. The documentation rules have also been enhanced.

          •  04 Jan 2009 16:41

            Release Notes: This release incorporates a major rewrite of the stream system with an immediate application to the the security library. The Des stream cipher has also been added to the security library.


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