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Afio makes cpio-format archives. It deals somewhat gracefully with input data corruption, supports multi-volume archives during interactive operation, and can make compressed archives that are much safer than compressed tar or cpio archives. Afio is best used as an `archive engine' in a backup script.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  05 Feb 2012 16:00

    Release Notes: Maintenance release. Various bugfixes. Compatibility fixes to make test scripts work with newer shell tool versions. A clarified license situation.

    •  21 Dec 2003 15:28

      Release Notes: Support was added for archiving files larger than 2 GB. Support was added for creating archives larger than 2GB on a filesystem. Various small bugfixes were made. Some small new features were added. The documentation was improved.

      •  18 Dec 2003 02:13

        Release Notes: This release adds polished 2GB+ support and lots of small fixes and enhancements. It's nearly ready for a non-beta version.

        •  05 Dec 2002 02:09

          Release Notes: >2GB file and archive support were added. Use of this beta is definitely not recommended if you do not need >2GB support.

          •  12 Oct 2001 04:25

            Release Notes: Bugfixes have been made for when dealing with >2GB files, and >4GB archive volumes.

            Recent comments

            04 Nov 2009 17:41 jrota

            Recently our tob/afio backup system stopped working, even though it is listed in our crontab for root.

            I can run tob manually, but it fails when using crontab...

            The error message says: /usr/local/sbin/tob: line 1: afio: command not found
            Fatal tob error: backup command failed.

            Any suggestions?

            23 Dec 2008 12:30 kholtman

            Re: Licensing
            Good link. What seems to be happening is that the short legal text in original 1985 license is not considered good/clear enough anymore to declare that the software is 'free' by several 2008 definitions of free. This is leading to a reluctance to include it in distros. A shame really as the intent to allow distribution is clearly there in the license text.

            I just updated the license tags on the freshmeat page (which seem to have been derived from the .lsm file originally) to avoid confusion about the license status of the package.

            23 Dec 2008 04:33 gdt


            for a discussion of the license of afio.

            29 Jun 2007 03:17 dukebid

            Re: Status of support for archives into >2GB files on a filesystem
            Old but still good. cpio afio backup works on new version of the OS with 2GB minimum.

            27 Mar 2007 22:21 kawazu

            Re: automated mtx integration?

            > I think that the afio -H option is the

            > option you are looking for.

            > If -H does not do what you want, please

            > clarify.

            Thank you; -H is pretty much what I want. Was stuck too much in tar terminology while searching the man-page for a medium change script or something like this. Thank you for pointing me the right way. :)



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