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AFD is a program to automatically distribute files either locally or to remote hosts. The files are distributed by using FTP or SMTP, and can be sent in parallel and with priority. It provides a GUI to monitor and control the distribution and extensive logging of all activities.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  24 Jan 2014 11:57

    Release Notes: Under Linux, inotify is now supported, making detection of new data quicker. With the help of many different static code checkers, many old bugs where removed. Support for the FTP MLST command (RFC 3659) has been added. All important system data are now stored in an ASCII text file, making the conversion of the internal database much less painful. Important numerical configuration values can now be supplied via configure.

    •  16 Dec 2012 15:40

      Release Notes: This release improves the HTTP code so that it works with more HTTP servers. When copying files locally, the modification time of the original file is kept. SSH logins now work without the periodic timeouts. There is initial support for IPv6, but the code is still untested. Detects when hard link protection is enabled and warns the user about it. Adds a new CRC-32 algorithm that also supports calculation in hardware on CPUs with SSE4.2. Removes several possible buffer overflows. RPMs are now compiled with stack overflow protection.

      •  18 Jul 2012 20:21

        Release Notes: Fetching files via HTTP proxy is now supported. Many errors have been fixed when fetching files, e.g. files are now retrieved only once. With the help of secunet and smatch, many buffer overflows are fixed, and many other security-related issues have been removed. A new scheme exec has been added to send files via an external program.

        •  23 Feb 2011 09:57

          Release Notes: A search button was added to all dialogs showing DIR_CONFIG data. In afd_ctrl, dir_ctrl, and mon_ctrl, one can quickly change the font size by pressing Ctrl and "+" or "-". Parent and child synchronization were added for the dir_check process, which solves the nasty problem that could lead to more than one of them running distributing data. The bug in which AFD goes in an endless loop when specifying an unknown pexec option was fixed.

          •  26 Oct 2010 06:12

            Release Notes: An error that could lead to many open file descriptors under certain conditions was fixed along with a problem where the AMG process could crash when the maximum number of options specified in DIR_CONFIG was reached. Toggling the queue or starting/stopping a host should now be done in an atomic manner. The edit_hc dialog now shows the correct block size. In the afd_info and mon_info dialogs, it is now possible to edit the information directly. The %T time modifier was added for the subject option. One can remove WMO headers from a bulletin with the -H extract option. The init scripts for afd and afdmon have been made more LSB compliant.

            Recent comments

            24 Jul 2003 00:23 ecortuso

            It's a very good piece of software, but with a web interface it would be excellent...


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