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15 May 2003 11:53 frankhale75

Re: Nice piece of work!
I agree 100% with you. Also aewm has a great codebase that is extremely easy to hack! Long live aewm....

05 Jul 2000 15:58 apoljax

Nice piece of work!
This window manager is extremely minimalist, and therefore extremely fast.

The primary reason I use X is so that I can have multiple terminals in front of me simultaneously on a nice background.
Oh yeah, XMMS too........and Netscape. *G*
Why have a wm that is more bloated that ya need.
This runs extremely smooth on my P90 and looks neat too.

Nice work!!

03 Aug 1999 05:20 bakhtiar

Great WM.
Although this WM is small but, it's great . I love small programs. Before using this WM, I used l lwm. But, this WM is smaller than lwm. I get problem with pulldown menus in WordPerfect 8 (Personal Edition) with lwm, but it work great with this WM.

I had no problem using aewm because it is similiar to lwm.

Thanks for making this small WM.


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