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aewm is a minimalist window manager for X11. It has no nifty features, but is light on resources and extremely simple in appearance. It should eventually make a good reference implementation of the ICCCM. A few separate programs are included to handle running programs, switching between windows, etc.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  30 Oct 2005 07:43

    Release Notes: UTF-8 support was added, and various EWMH bugs were fixed.

    •  18 Nov 2004 06:25

      Release Notes: Virtual desktops were impemented, along with relevant portions of the EWMH spec. Maximized and shaded states were added. Both aewm and clients were changed to use EWMH struts instead of GNOME_PANEL_DESKTOP_AREA. A small command-line client to switch virtual desktops was added.

      •  15 Nov 2004 19:27

        Release Notes: A bug in loading rc files was fixed. Two small memory leaks were patched.

        •  02 Oct 2004 18:22

          Release Notes: Backslash quoting in rc files and zombie menu processes were fixed.

          •  28 Mar 2003 08:13

            Release Notes: This release fixes compilation errors with GCC 3.2 and recent versions of libxft. Support for GTK+ 2.x was added. Cosmetic improvements were made to aepanel-gtk. The manual pages have been fixed for use on UTF-8 systems.

            Recent comments

            15 May 2003 11:53 frankhale75

            Re: Nice piece of work!
            I agree 100% with you. Also aewm has a great codebase that is extremely easy to hack! Long live aewm....

            05 Jul 2000 15:58 apoljax

            Nice piece of work!
            This window manager is extremely minimalist, and therefore extremely fast.

            The primary reason I use X is so that I can have multiple terminals in front of me simultaneously on a nice background.
            Oh yeah, XMMS too........and Netscape. *G*
            Why have a wm that is more bloated that ya need.
            This runs extremely smooth on my P90 and looks neat too.

            Nice work!!

            03 Aug 1999 05:20 bakhtiar

            Great WM.
            Although this WM is small but, it's great . I love small programs. Before using this WM, I used l lwm. But, this WM is smaller than lwm. I get problem with pulldown menus in WordPerfect 8 (Personal Edition) with lwm, but it work great with this WM.

            I had no problem using aewm because it is similiar to lwm.

            Thanks for making this small WM.


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