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Aewan is a curses-based program that allows for the creation and editing of ASCII art. The user is able to move the cursor around the screen by means of the arrow keys and "paint" characters by pressing the corresponding keys. There are dialog boxes that allow the user to choose foreground and background colors, as well as bold and blink attributes. The user may also select rectangular areas of the canvas in order to move, copy, and paste them. Aewan also supports "intelligent" horizontal and vertical flipping (e.g., it converts "\" to "/", etc). What sets Aewan apart from similar projects is the fact that it can work with multiple layers and has the ability to turn transparency and visibility on and off for each layer. A layer dialog is provided through which the user can change the order of the layers. Thus, each layer can be edited independently in order to generate a composite drawing. Instead of using the layers for compositing, it is also possible to use the layers as frames for an animation, thus enabling the user to create ASCII animations. The file format is easy to parse, so it is easy to write a terminal-based application that uses the Aewan files to display onscreen. Aewan has been tested on the Linux terminal, rxvt, xterm, and the FreeBSD console.


Recent releases

  •  01 Oct 2005 09:12

    Release Notes: aecat now accepts a "comment" format that extracts metadata from the file and a -L option, which outputs the layer count. "resize layer" functionality was added. 'Load file' and 'Save file' now use dialog boxes that let the user browse directories. A new aemakeflic export utility was included. It converts aewan documents into animations that can be played in the 'less' command or as a shell script.

    •  19 Feb 2005 20:41

      Release Notes: A segfault bug which resulted from trying to correct cursor coords when a layer had just been added was fixed.

      •  18 Feb 2005 21:36

        Release Notes: A menu has been introduced in order to make the interface more friendly. "new file" (i.e. clear everything and start from scratch) functionality has been added. aecat now produces more XHTML-compliant HTML and supports background color. Users can manipulate the upper-left corner of selections in select mode.

        •  10 Sep 2004 21:09

          Release Notes: A few minor bugfixes (including some bugs that caused aecat to segfault under certain circumstances).

          •  18 Aug 2004 04:42

            Release Notes: This version features code cleanups, style enhancements, and fixes for minor bugs/typos. It now uses stdbool instead of the home-grown ubool type.


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