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02 Jun 2011 16:48 marky222

Here are some details for the wargame, hope it helps to show how it works.

My Program uses HexTiles, and Chits. You cannot create a full Map(each hex has to be a default color or a hextile,and there are only about 100 hextiles) you can also overlay a third layer from the terrain chits(also these terrain chits are used to lay control points, such as obsticles, victory flags, and defensive target hexes for the AI) the hextiles,chits,terrain chits and trench art, are all induividual to each module, so a 100 hextiles for each module dosnt have to be the same.

I programed My Hex&Chit game to be a generic wargame, but as I created it, the program suited certain types of play, the AI hunted different players units depending on the AIs Unit type, unless you encase them with a barrier of obsticles to zone their movement within boundries(eg a line of ACW infantry, or a castle) or select defensive zones to defend control points instead of hunting. You can add Bunkers or trenchworks for a defensive advantage. There are no road bonuses, and all chits move at the rate of 1-2 Hexes regardless of type(this movement rate only suited similar types of unit such as a single Man per chit, or a single vehicle). there is no obstruction to LineOfSight(again this suited either large strategic Maps, or small areas as battlefields, where all the area would be known to the units). Artilary can be ww2 MGs or Roman catapults, depending on the Artwork, but some thought has to go-in-to how the whole module would fit-together(units & Artilary)

You can choose between five types of Unit(skirmishers,Inf,Cav,Art,Unusual or Hunters), each type has different ranged fire distances,There are on/off switches to deactivate ranged fire for each different type of unit(the computer & the players chosen type of units ranged fire are switched on/off together), You can switch off long range artilary aswell. You can choose what strength a unit will be by selecting the appropriate chit. When the computer takes a turn all adjacent chits fight in close combat, each unit can only CloseCombat once, but may fire two times a turn(Artilary cant CloseCombat, but can be attacked). Skirmishers can pass through obsticles.Unusual units dont attract all ranged fire, so you can use them for HQs or special units.

The AI hunts units of simular type whith-in initial strength group eg: a unit of type INF chosen at strenth 4 from the chits would belong to INF1-5 throughout the game(even if the strengh is reduced by combat). So a computer chit CAV5-10 would hunt a plyers chit CAV 5,CAV 6,CAV 7,CAV 8, CAV 9, and CAV 10.

There are some random elements to the AI, a Unit Will not always move all its movement allowance or may not fire twice each turn, Artilary dosnt allays hit its target, CloseCombat dosnt always suceed.The Players shots will not always Hit. small experiments with small numbers of chits will show how combat works.

Module design involves having the Artwork and creating a map from hextiles, and then setting-up trenches , obsticles, and control points, then decideing on defencive or offensive zones, Laying down the chits.

31 May 2011 17:02 marky222

This Project should interest people for two reasons, its Hex&Chit(unusual) and its programed with BlitzMax (a Mullti-Platform BASIC Programming Language) .You Probably have Not Heard of BlitzMax, Its a fantastic games orientated language with , very easy to create a game.

The Hex&Chit Wargame type game wont interest everybody, it needs thought to play & create modules for. If you create a Module Let me know?


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