Comments for Advanced Bash Scripting Guide

15 May 2003 22:55 mwal

Good job! Where is the PDF?
I like your guide, tested it and found the answers!

It would be very helpful if you had a PDF-version. PDF are easy to search and is just a single small file.

23 Nov 2002 19:17 aanderud

Very helpful guide !!!!
Hey, I just want to say that this scripting guide is the most helpful one I've seen. Talk about comprehensive, and full of examples -- not just man page style descriptions, but really well commented examples in just about all areas. I love it, and I've given copies to all of my colleagues. Thank you very much.

03 Aug 2002 17:56 wagnerstefan

very useful
I didn't use the tutorial for learning step by step, but I had two questions and I found the answers immediately and an extra answer I didn't search for.

18 Jun 2002 16:13 thegrendel

Re: Testing

> Where is the bleeding edge / testing
> branch? :-)

The "bleeding edge" branch is the 'tar/BZ2' link, above. It will generally run anywhere from a few days to a couple of months ahead of the main release on the LDP site.

Thanks for the compliment, BTW.

---(project author/owner)

17 Jun 2002 16:34 alfons

Where is the bleeding edge / testing branch? :-)

(Great job!)


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