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Advanced Bash Scripting Guide

The Advanced Bash Scripting Guide is both a reference and a tutorial on shell scripting. This comprehensive book, the equivalent of 1,000+ print pages, covers almost every aspect of shell scripting. It contains 382 profusely commented illustrative examples, a number of tables, and a cross-linked index/glossary. Not just a shell scripting tutorial, this book also provides an introduction to basic programming techniques, such as sorting and recursion. Included scripts are the Game of Life, a Perquackey variant, a Morse code trainer, and an implementation of the Gronsfeld Cipher. This book is suited for both individual study and classroom use. It covers Bash, up to and including version 4.2. Note that users of miniaturized single-board computers running Linux, such as the Raspberry Pi and the Beagle Bone, would find this Guide useful for learning and running Bash scripts to explore and expand the capabilities of these small, but powerful machines.

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Recent releases

  •  07 Mar 2014 17:25

    Release Notes: This is the final update of this project. It is essentially a minor bugfix release, but there is an important license change. The author has now removed the copyright and granted it to the Public Domain in all perpetuity.

    •  27 Nov 2012 16:05

      Release Notes: This release adds three new scripts, a new appendix, and many bugfixes.

      •  05 Apr 2012 00:43

        Release Notes: This is a minor bugfix release, with some new material added and URL updates.

        •  30 Aug 2011 00:34

          Release Notes: Two important example scripts added: an instructive and interesting morse code trainer and a Gronsfeld Cipher script. There is also quite a bit of new material and bugfixes.

          •  02 May 2011 00:47

            Release Notes: Coverage of the new features of the Bash 4.1 and 4.2 releases, a new Network Programming chapter, ten new example scripts, more new material, and bugfixes.

            Recent comments

            25 Nov 2008 22:42 thegrendel

            Main ftp site back up
            Seems to be working again.

            So, you should be able to get the pdf version of the ABS Guide at:


            This is a pdf file formatted for duplex printing, with fancy features that the LDP site pdf (below) lacks, so I'd prefer that you download this one.

            You can get the intermediate-update tarball with source

            files and HTML from:



            24 Nov 2008 07:03 thegrendel

            URL changes
            My main (free) web hosting site cut me off.

            So, for now get the version 5.5+ pdf file


            I'll post updates as I get them.

            Thanks, everyone, for your patience.

            Mendel (author of ABS Guide)

            16 Feb 2007 09:58 tein

            Nice Job.. Looks Good
            I found this guide very usefull.. Thanks for working on it..

            15 Feb 2007 12:59 thegrendel

            PDF Download Site
            The URL of the preferred download site for the pdf version of the ABS Guide is:


            This version is specially book-formatted for duplex printing

            and is usually more up-to-date than the version you can download

            from the LDP site. Note that it's a 2.6 MB download.

            25 Dec 2006 10:11 thegrendel

            Re: Good job! Where is the PDF?

            > There is indeed a pdf version

            > available:


            A mirror pdf download site is:




            This is actually an "improved" pdf, formatted for two-sided printing.


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