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Aqua Data Studio is a database developer's complete IDE. It provides three major areas of functionality: a database query and administration tool, a suite of comparison tools for databases, source control, and filesystems, and a complete and integrated source control client for Subversion and CVS. It supports Oracle, DB2 iSeries, DB2 LUW, MS SQL Server, Sybase ASE, Sybase Anywhere, Sybase IQ, Informix, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Apache Derby, JDBC, and ODBC.


Recent releases

  •  14 Oct 2013 16:02

    Release Notes: This version adds native support for MongoDB, Apache Cassandra, Apache Hive, and Windows Azure. It also adds a full Git Client, Connection Clustering, performance improvements, and support for many new versions of already-supported relational databases.

    •  22 Apr 2013 12:35

      Release Notes: This version adds native support for high-end databases such as Vertica from Hewlett-Packard and Greenplum from EMC, as well as the embedded database SQLite for Android. It also extends support to new database versions including Sybase ASE 15.7 and Sybase IQ 15.4, as well as full support for MySQL 5.5, DB2 z/OS 10, and Netezza 7.

      •  21 Oct 2012 17:38

        Release Notes: This release adds FluidShell (a Unix and SQL commandline shell hybrid with ETL and automation commands integrated with SQL execution support), Big Data performance (with speed increases in large resultset operations in Query Window, Table Data Editor, Import Tool, and Resultset Compare), connection pooling support on a per-server level, SQL editor enhancements (including line wrapping and block selection), and tabbed and undockable window-based editing of schema objects.

        •  30 Apr 2012 01:14

          Release Notes: This release adds support for the ParAccel Analytic Database, SQL Server 2012, SQL Log Capture Tool, SSH Browser for ProcFS on Unix machines, and many other enhancements to the ER Modeler and the application in general.

          •  27 Sep 2011 00:23

            Release Notes: This release added a secure shell (SSH) environment, Perforce and Git version control support, autosave workspaces, shortcut toolbar enhancements, a multithreaded UI, an integrated compression tool and PDF viewer, import and export tool performance enhancements and throttling, OS file MIME type integration, and Excel 2007 support.

            Recent comments

            15 Oct 2007 08:14 AlienMindZ

            Confusing licensing details
            BEWARE! This software is NOT free for personal use / educational purposes, at least not the last version (v6.5). From the home page:

            ** Discounted licences are available for qualified Academic users

            If you qualify, email us at license (at) for pricing information.

            *** Free licenses are available for qualified Open Source Software (OSS) Developers

            If you qualify, email us at license (at) for more information.

            For the rest of the people: starting $399 USD per license


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