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AdminPro is a user authentication class based on MySQL and the PHP Session functions. It was written for Web sites that need some password protected areas. It includes a user management application script and a MySQL table setup application script. The class can allow a user to login and logout via Web-based forms, expire the session of an authenticated user if it passed a given session timeout, display error messages and point the user to the login page when the user is not authenticated or the login session expired, and check whether a logged user has administrator or user group privileges

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Recent releases

  •  30 Sep 2004 21:27

    Release Notes: An SQL patch file to update the MySQL table from version 1.2 (initially published) to version 1.3.x was added.

    •  16 Sep 2004 18:26

      Release Notes: The setup application will now allow a user to modify an existing AdminPro Class MySQL Table as well, by using SQL statements. The existing MySQL table (and its data) will remain compatible with the AdminPro Class, even if the table structure changes in future versions. An SQL patch to update the table from 1.2 (initially published) to 1.3.x is included.

      •  14 Sep 2004 15:15

        Release Notes: An example script is now included in the package, which demonstrates how the protection can be added in an arbitrary Web page.

        •  11 Sep 2004 13:51

          Release Notes: A bug in the main class has been fixed: The function makeErrorHtml() will now expire the "Remember Me" cookies (if the function "Remember Me" is enabled), so that the error data will not be stored in the cookies and the user can login again without having to delete these cookies manually.

          •  08 Sep 2004 16:40

            No changes have been submitted for this release.

            Recent comments

            04 Jun 2007 04:40 ellarco

            Very poor.
            Granted this package appears to provide most of the functionality you would want, but thats not enough.

            The quality of this code is very poor. Apart from the complete lack of formatting, it includes countless elementary programming blunders. E.g. failure to group conditional statements in obvious ways, failure to identify tautologies (things that are always true or always false) in conditions, redundant code ...

            Its also very difficult to figure out how to integrate this code into your website. It is designed to be used as is, which you will not want to do.

            Very disappointed in this. Has taken a lot of work to get it to the stage I am at now, and its still doesnt work.

            16 Oct 2006 01:49 eduo

            Re: AdminPro Class v1.3 new functions:

            > The version 1.3 can additionally:

            > - check whether a logged user has user

            > group privileges

            > - allow a user to use some cookie based

            > "Remember Me" function

            I know Adminpro hasn't been updated in 2 years but I still thought of asking if there are any plans for it. I use it in my sites and thank you dearly for it.

            Something I haven't been able to do, though, is to be able to redirect users to the requested full URL. I have been able to represent it (the full URL shows in the URL bar) if I use it as an action for the login form, but it doesn't actually redirect the users there. It loads the predefined (although if you refresh it loads the correct one).


            Thanks for this marvelous little class.

            09 Sep 2004 06:18 georgiost

            AdminPro Class v1.3 new functions:
            The version 1.3 can additionally:

            - check whether a logged user has user group privileges

            - allow a user to use some cookie based "Remember Me" function


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