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ActivePython is the industry-standard Python distribution, available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, AIX, and HP-UX. It is 100% compatible with the reference distribution of Python. Code tested with ActivePython will run on any Python installation that has the appropriate extensions installed.


Recent releases

  •  26 Mar 2010 04:53

    Release Notes: Python was upgraded to 3.1.2 and Tcl/Tk to 8.5.8. OpenSSL in 64-bit is supported on Windows. PyWin32 is included in Py3k builds for Windows. OpenSSL was upgraded to 0.9.8l for security reasons. The "Dive Into Python 3" book is now included in the documentation. Side-by-side installation of 32-bit and 64-bit builds is allowed on Windows.

    •  26 Mar 2010 04:50

      Release Notes: Python was upgraded to 2.6.5 and PyPM to 1.0.0c. Support for upgrading installed packages ("pypm upgrade") was added. The install/uninstall commands now accept multiple package names. A bug was fixed to handle whitespace in the path to the python executable. pythonselect was added for activating the specified Python version on Mac OS X only.

      •  19 Sep 2007 10:26

        Release Notes: A "python25.exe" is now installed beside "python.exe". This is akin to the "python2.5" setup on all other platforms. This lets you have multiple Python versions installed and on your PATH and still be able to call specific versions. PyWin32 was updated to build 209.2.

        •  24 Oct 2000 22:21

          Release Notes: Based on the release of Python 2.0.

          •  25 Sep 2000 19:45

            Release Notes: This release, based on Python 2.0b1, includes the _tkinter module which allows the use of the IDLE IDE, and a better XML package.


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