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Allegro Common Lisp

Allegro Common Lisp is a full ANSI Common Lisp (1994) implementation. It contains many extensions, including 32- and 64-bit native compilation, efficient built-in memory management, foreign functions (for interfacing with other languages), multiprocessing, UNICODE and locale support, XML/HTML parsers, a Web client and server, GTK+ interface (1.2 and 2.0), Java interface, OLE interface (Windows only), profiler, regular expressions, an XML RPC implementation, native Lisp RPC, sockets, DLL and shared library support, and more.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  04 Sep 2002 04:52

    Release Notes: This version includes many bugfixes, an XML-RPC implementation, Portable Object Adapter (POA) support for Allegro ORBLink (a CORBA-Compliant ORB), wide bindings, lighter-weight processes and faster context switching, Interface to GTK+ 1.2/2.0, and 64-bit AIX 5 support.

    Recent comments

    06 Sep 2002 17:13 layer

    getting a license file for using this product

    I want to make it very clear that you need to get a license file on our website before using the Trial version (the one available for download here).
    Click here ( to get one.


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