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03 Apr 2010 17:00 SeSe

Use ACE a lot in the last year and worked very well for us. It is well written and the examples are quite useful. AndI think it is worth buying the books as well.

09 Apr 2006 19:55 mcoon

Dangerous Install Script!
For those interested Linux users out there, WATCH OUT! The automated install is dangerous! In the instructions, you are to provide a root install directory, assuming that this was analogus to the usual Linux automake script variable "--prefix", us gave it /usr/local. When I didn't like what I saw, I canceled the script... & on the way out tf the script, it deleted my /usr/local directory!!!! Ouch! To make matters worse, this was on an ext3 device, which means no recovery!

From this point on, I'm going to assume any "portable" open source project not integrated with automake is hostile.

31 Mar 2006 18:48 mcoon

An uncomonly high quality product for this site. Complete, reasonably easy to build, and no onerous dependencies (like relying on some XXX version of gnome libraries for instance). Now if only they could get some decent online documentation that you didn't have to pay for (see the Safari link to their book in the current docs).

21 Jan 2006 09:50 jlmarina

No more wasted time
ACE is a very good tool for programming eficient and reusable code. Moreover is platform independent as I´ve seen compiling the same code in several linux flavours, solaris and windows with several compilers.

I've been studing about two months but after that, we have improved our productivity, focusing in design.

Pretty good middleware for networked and distributed applications. We are using it a lot.

23 Aug 2000 08:40 obnusgnurz

ACE documentation
in my opinion the documentation is good to get an overview, but it sucks if you're looking for a specific method or class or something.
The html index is too sparse and I'm sure that a bunch of people don't use it because of the docs... besides from that its a really cool and well designed package. thumbs up...

16 Aug 1999 13:54 padmanabanramaligam

Re:ACE library
IMHO I find the documentation is very good. Have you tried
tons of examples that come with the distribution and more
recently the "ACE Programers Guide" contributed by HUGHES.

09 Mar 1999 05:14 ungod

ACE library
best implementation of thread locking i've ever seen. Overall brilliant and helpful library. Only falldown is severe lack of documentation. (for those of you who don't like hunting through header files, and even then they're minimalistic comments).


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