Comments for Accounting for Developers

19 Sep 2011 17:24 valoni

I have an IDEA for this kind of project

instead you do Insert Into movement (destination,source,amount,date,comment);

to do some another things

Insert Into movement (transactCode,amount,date,comment);

so let assumet we have table as described like below with
transcode - an table for example like

1 1 1 A 2000
2 1 2 B A/1.16
3 1 3 C B-5

so there's will be an account transcation way

A = 2000
B = A/1.16
C = B-5

so all those transaction will be registered like

Insert Into Movement(destination,amount,date,description,trid)

Insert Into movement (1,A,'2011-01-01','sales',1)
Insert Into movement
(2,B,'2011-01-01','tax from sale',1)
Insert Into movement


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