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Access_user Class

Access_user Class is an easy to use system for protecting pages and registering users. The main features are user login, user registration, page protection, forgotten password recovery, and email-based account activation. The class is powered by MySQL and PHP sessions. Inside the package are examples for all primary methods.


Recent releases

  •  20 Oct 2006 11:48

    Release Notes: It's now possible to store the session data in your database. This is much safer if you use sessions on a shared hosting server. The password is always encoded with MD5 now. session_destroy() was added to the logout method. The links used in the email messages are now double MD5-encoded.

    •  29 May 2006 12:46

      Release Notes: Until the last version, there was a small bug inside the messages method in which sending a confirmation caused the login of the administrator to show up. This wrong login was replaced with the value of the real name field (or a default if this is empty). $msg[37] was changed to get the right name inside the conformation email. The method send_confirmation() was also modified. The missing $msg[24] was also added for several languages.

      •  27 Feb 2006 12:56

        Release Notes: Two more user fields were added to the user_profile extension. To validate a date to insert/read from the database, the ins_string() method from the class source was changed, and the profile extension method create_form_field(). The modified ins_string() makes it possible to use an extended string like "some value##date", and the string "date" will be recognized by this method as the type. Don't forget to validate the input first.

        •  18 Nov 2005 09:19

          Release Notes: A small bug was fixed inside the update_user_by_admin() method in the admin_user.php file. There is extra information to read about the database table name convention inside the documentation file. An example of how to show the real name in place of the login name was added inside the file example.php.

          •  19 Sep 2005 12:06

            Release Notes: A small bug which occurred in the send_mail() method if the class was used with "auto_activation = false" has been fixed.


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