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acarsd is an ACARS decoder for Linux and Windows. ACARS stands for Communications Addressing and Reporting System. acarsd tries to decode ACARS transmissions from aircraft. Some features include the type of aircraft, flight, and operator.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  27 Feb 2006 10:12

    Release Notes: Fast acarsd.db indexing with low memory usage was implemented for web and acarsd server. Flight resolution from was added. Resolution from Air Berlin was moved into acarsd. A high speed translation table was added. A new XML creator and parser is included. An automatic fleet list upload was added. Older records are automatically deleted. The Nick Birell Aircraft list and translation.csv are automatically downloaded and installed once a week. Up to 4 soundcards and 8 airband scanners are supported. The WACARS style message extension file "MESSAGE.WDF" is supported.

    •  24 Dec 2004 08:34

      Release Notes: In this release, the database handling has been changed, a plugin engine was added to the acarsdgui, some minor bugs were fixed, the FleetList handling was rewritten, there are now flight excludes, there are realtime flight reports, the translation table was enhanced, and a traffic shaper for acarsd server systems is included.

      •  10 Jun 2004 10:08

        Release Notes: This release can handle up to 6 Airband Scanners on 3 sound cards (two scanner per sound card). A new translation table that supports wildcards such as * and ? was included along with automatic database lookup, a different image server, faster caching, fleet lists, chat, database synchronization, and many other new or enhanced features

        •  30 Jan 2004 19:04

          Release Notes: This release can decode data from up to 3 soundcards. It displays a picture of the aircraft after every successful transmission (provided the picture is in the database). It has full FCB/CRC checking, an alternative ACARS display mode (table mode) including exporting as .csv or .tsv, user-defined message filtering, a user-defined map to show aircraft positions, database searching (flight, reg, departure airport, arrival airport, and time), and more.

          •  22 Jul 2003 17:03

            Release Notes: This release can decode all pieces of ACARS messages. The server mode is improved and has been tested for over 2 months. Extended databases are included. There are two different log files, including PDF documentation, and much more.


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