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Infotrope ACAP Server

The Infotrope ACAP Server is an implementation of RFC2244, complete with asynchronous notification of changes, stored search results, ACLs, and data inheritance, etc. It supports TLS and SASL encryption as well as the entire base standard, plus a few optional extensions. ACAP allows applications to store configuration data in a way that is standard, fully interoperable, and easily managed by users, administrators, and technical support teams alike. Infotrope's key features include the ability to randomly crash the server without data loss, and backing up of data (even while it's being written) without losing integrity.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  28 Jul 2005 18:31

    Release Notes: An RFC errata issue with DEPTH 1, which prevented some clients from discovering subdatasets correctly, has been fixed.

    •  22 Jul 2005 05:06

      Release Notes: Lots of changes were made. The server is now faster, more compliant, and more stable.

      •  08 Dec 2004 16:36

        Release Notes: A particularly annoying bug where the server would constantly perform full dumps of the datastore was fixed. This did not cause any data loss, but was really silly.

        •  30 Nov 2004 14:37

          Release Notes: Several major updates were made since the last formal release, including more documentation, much faster speed, fewer bugs, and better conformance.

          •  05 Nov 2003 19:27

            Release Notes: Binary data storage bugfixes, and a curiously undocumented method for not running as root. Tentatively described as a beta candidate.

            Recent comments

            22 Jul 2005 05:06 dwdbah


            To add to the tiny list of ACAP-enabled software, there's Infotrope Polymer released vaguely properly, too, over at /projects/polymer.


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