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AbiWord is a free word processing program similar to Microsoft Word. It is suitable for a wide variety of word processing tasks. It allows you to collaborate with multiple people on one document at the same time. It is tightly integrated with the Web service, which lets you store documents online, allows easy document sharing with your friends, and performs format conversions on the fly.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  13 Sep 2013 09:29

    Release Notes: This release contains just one bugfix: it preserves character properties when typing.

    •  04 Oct 2005 08:04

      Release Notes: This stable release featured a grammar checker, equation support, improved GNOME Office integration, and OpenDocument support.

      •  11 May 2005 09:18

        Release Notes: In addition to numerous bugfixes, several features have been added in this development release: Table to Text, Tight Textwapping around Images, Grammar Checking (Plugin), Math Support (Plugin), GNOME Office Chart Embedding (Plugin, experimental), and OpenDocument Support (Plugin, experimental).

        •  11 May 2005 09:17

          Release Notes: This release imports TextBoxes from MS Word, fixes various crashers relating to table editing, and adds footnotes/endnotes editing, etc. There is also a large number of Mac OS X-specific fixes and changes.

          •  19 Jan 2005 23:26

            Release Notes: Extensive Mac OS X port improvements. Several crashes related to image wrapping, textbox handling, and maintaining document histories have been fixed. There are several Table of Contents, Format TextBox, and Format Table dialog enhancements in the Windows port.

            Recent comments

            10 Apr 2006 18:01 KdEsp

            Version 2.4.4 has been released at April 10, 2006.

            11 May 2005 02:58 justlooking

            Abiword keeps on crashing
            Whenever I try to run Abiword on Windows XP at work, it shows a consolewindow with some silly GTK output and errors and it crashes without even showing the splashscreen. Anyone got an idea on how to fix this?

            tia :)

            10 May 2005 17:03 rpavlik

            Re: This is still far from feature complete

            > While I have to agree with the previous

            > posters that this is really a very

            > promising project in terms of speed and

            > memory footprint, the program is still

            > very far from feature complete. No

            > tables, no footnotes, no styles, you

            > can't really change the layout (headers

            > and footers), no auto-hyphenation.


            > What is there (basic editing,

            > import/export) is really good though,

            > and surprisingly stable for a program in

            > this stage of development. In another

            > year or so this will definitively be a

            > serious contender for open source word

            > processing.


            Just updating this so that page visitors won't be confused by the status of the project in the past....

            Since this original comment was posted, tables, footnotes/endnotes, styles, complete header/footer support, and several other features (Tables of Contents, Revisions Tracking) have been added to the program. More are in the works for future versions, while keeping in mind the focus on avoiding core bloat.

            10 May 2005 16:58 rpavlik

            Re: Spell Checker For AbiWord

            > There is a Spell Checker for AbiWord.

            > Click HERE to find out.

            Just clearing things up for the sake of the record:

            No extra packages are needed for spell checking in AbiWord. The AbiSpell package linked to in the parent comment is for additional dictionaries for the built-in spell checking engine (en-US is bundled on systems that still use the built-in spelling engine).

            In most systems (notably, at the moment, Windows excepted), the Enchant spell-checking interface is used, allowing Aspell, Hspell, and other spell checkers already installed to be used seamlessly, without needing to install application specific dictionaries.

            10 May 2005 16:58 rpavlik

            Re: Version 2 for windows?

            > Thank you very much for your answer;

            > already looking forward to the Windows

            > version!

            > Regards,

            > johannes

            Just clearing up things on the comments for the benefit of the users:

            Yes, there were many 2.0.x versions for Windows, and as of early May 2005, 2.2.x versions as well. Releases tend to be synchonous whenever things go relatively smoothly.


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