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Abe's Amazing Adventure!!

Abe's Amazing Adventure!! is a scrolling, platform-jumping, key-collecting, ancient pyramid exploring game, written vaguely in the style of similar games for the Commodore Plus/4.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  05 Mar 2005 10:15

    Release Notes: This release fixes a memory leak and improves autotools support on Unix systems. It stores user settings in the user's home directory. The Mac version is now self-contained, enabling it to be run from the disk image directly.

    •  12 Apr 2003 22:47

      Release Notes: Abe! is now code-complete with a stunning end-of-game sequence. The map is bigger, there are new monsters (including a see-through ghost), and many misc. bugs were fixed.

      •  17 Mar 2003 00:18

        Release Notes: This version includes music, a variety of bugfixes, more work on the map, and various other new features.

        •  25 Feb 2003 09:30

          Release Notes: Support for higher resolutions and loading and saving the game was added, and a fancy new font was included. Many new items to interact with and monsters to run away from were added. The program now compiles on both little and big endian machines. Some usability testing was performed, basic sound support was added, and the game music is still being worked on.

          •  02 Feb 2003 11:30

            Release Notes: This version adds gems and scoring, new monster types: demons, squashers, and spiders, horizontal and vertical platforms, a new start screen that reuses the map engine, and various minor improvements.

            Recent comments

            06 May 2003 21:56 Gamejunky

            Uhh ..Looks like a Lego Dude.. If that was the idea for the main character .. you sure hit it right on target :) .. Might be cool to rename the game, and make the levels look like there made of Lego's ? ..


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