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abcde is a frontend to cdparanoia, wget, cd-discid, id3, and your favorite Ogg Vorbis (the default), MP3, FLAC, Ogg Speex, or MPP (Musepack) encoder. It grabs an entire CD and converts each track to the desired format, then comments or ID3-tags each file, all with one command. It supports multiple output in a single CD read, the creation of a single track from a CD, resume operation, CD concatenation, volume normalization, gapless encoding (with LAME), parallelization, SMP, proxies, customizable filename organization and munging, playlist generation, distributed encoding via distmp3, and more.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  10 Nov 2004 11:36

    Release Notes: This release features OneTrack and CDConcatenate modes, MPP/MP+(Musepack) format encoding, and now excludes DATA tracks from the rip. There are plenty of bugfixes and other improvements.

    •  10 Apr 2004 04:00

      Release Notes: A new option for encoding a whole CD into a single file (for live performances and mixed CDs) was added.

      •  08 Apr 2004 11:34

        Release Notes: A bug that rendered the program useless was fixed.

        •  06 Apr 2004 11:11

          Release Notes: This version features new settings for CD speed, a new user-definable "pre_read" function to perform things such as closing the CD tray, and a new option "-m" to add CRLF endlines to the playlist. OggFlac metadata now includes COMMENT, and empty GENRE and DATE are not passed to OggVorbis. Batch encoding now works. A playlist creation bug was solved. There is better logic when using locally stored CDDB info. Other minor bugs were fixed.

          •  17 Feb 2004 14:56

            Release Notes: The CDDB code was cleaned up, so it no longer creates network activity when only the local CDDB repository is being used. Some unnoticed bugs were fixed. Specifically, the number padding code was buggy.

            Recent comments

            09 Oct 2003 13:48 bandy

            ABCDE rocks!
            ABCDE is great software - It Just Works. Kick it off and it does the right thing, fetching track names from CDDB, allowing you to correct errors or select amongst alternate versions. Then it goes off to do the ripping and encoding. Pretty soon it's done. Voila. Just like that. No GUI needed or required. It's a great command-line tool that does one job exceedingly well.

            31 Aug 2002 01:32 moquist

            flac support??
            I've modified _my_ copy of 'abcde' to do flac encoding, and you're welcome to it if you're interested. If not, I hope you're planning that addition yourself, and I'll look forward to it.

            Thanks for your work.

            (moquist - atsign -

            07 Feb 2002 09:53 rcw

            Re: Use lame to write ID3 tags

            > If you use LAME to tag encoded mp3's,
            > you don't need anymore any external
            > program to write ID3 tags and the result
            > is equal.

            If abcde only used lame, then that would be easy. However, it has to support half a dozen other encoders as well (including versions of lame that don't do tagging), meaning abcde needs quite a bit of logic to verify that it can do that in one step (and not pester you about id3 not being installed).

            With that said, it's on my todo list.

            06 Feb 2002 06:40 s4nd

            Use lame to write ID3 tags
            If you use LAME to tag encoded mp3's, you don't need anymore any external program to write ID3 tags and the result is equal.
            Btw abcde it's a great script :)

            25 Dec 2001 10:08 rcw

            Re: Good program

            > Only question, anyone know an easy
            > name to limit filename length?

            Put this sed command in your mungefilename pipe:

            sed 's/\([^.]\{28\}\)\?.*\.\([^.]*\)/\1.\2/'

            (the 28 limits the filename minus its extension to 28 characters, for a total max length of 32 characters)


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