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Superficie (surface) is a little program for viewing and doing basic manipulation of 3D surfaces. It reads a file with the data and displays the object in a window, so you can interact with it.


Recent releases

  •  26 Mar 2000 21:21

    Release Notes: Saving to an image via imlib, users can create groups of objects, a new option to make an object "invisible", some GUI reorganization, changes to the default colors, an incorporated interface with scheme, updates to the Octave inteface, and moving child objects is somewhat broken (it will be fixed in the next release).

    •  10 Dec 1999 14:49

      Release Notes: XML is now used in the file format, the interface with yacas and mathematica has been changed, and bugs have been fixed.

      •  06 Dec 1999 04:25

        Release Notes: An export to PostScript, better integration with GNOME (help files, desktop files, etc.), a spec file to generate RPMs, and Spanish documentation.

        •  09 Nov 1999 16:52

          Release Notes: Up to 8 light sources, more object types (triangle mesh, lines, polygons, points), mouse-selectable objects, and the ability to display surfaces and curves generated by Yacas.

          •  05 Aug 1999 20:30

            Release Notes: Added a little interface with Yacas, lots of bug fixes.

            Recent comments

            07 Dec 1999 08:23 eg0r

            compiling 0.7.0 on patato
            Message from Juan about compiling error in on debian patato:

            I think it has to do with gcc 2.95. I should check in the configure script for the version of gcc. By now, you can do this:

            make clean
            export CXXFLAGS='-fpermissive'

            It worked for me, so I thought I'd share.


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