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For users on Linux and Unix, KDE offers a full suite of user workspace applications which allow interaction with these operating systems in a modern, graphical user interface. This includes Plasma Desktop, KDE's innovative and powerful desktop interface. Other workspace applications are included to aid with system configuration, running programs, or interacting with hardware devices. While the fully integrated KDE Workspaces are only available on Linux and Unix, some of these features are available on other platforms. In addition to the workspace, KDE produces a number of key applications such as the Konqueror Web browser, Dolphin file manager, and Kontact, the comprehensive personal information management suite. The list of applications includes many others, including those for education, multimedia, office productivity, networking, games, and much more. Most applications are available on all platforms supported by the KDE Development. KDE also brings to the forefront many innovations for application developers. An entire infrastructure has been designed and implemented to help programmers create robust and comprehensive applications in the most efficient manner, eliminating the complexity and tediousness of creating highly functional applications.

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Last announcement

Digia becomes Patron of KDE e.V. 22 Oct 2013 12:37

We are happy to announce that Digia is joining KDE e.V. as a Patron. Digia has been a supporting member and Akademy sponsor since 2012, and now has become a Patron. Digia is the company responsible for commercial Qt licensing, as well as product development and open source licensing together with the Qt Project under open governance. Since Digia took over the Qt business from Nokia in late 2011, the company has been in close contact with the KDE Community and KDE e.V., a registered non-profit organization that represents the KDE Community in legal and financial matters. Both organizations worked together to organize the Qt Contributors Summit 2013, which took place in parallel with Akademy in Bilbao, Spain last July. Lydia Pintscher, Vice President of KDE e.V., said: "We are very happy that Digia is becoming a Patron of KDE e.V. and showing their support for one of the largest projects in the Qt ecosystem. This is a sign of commitment for an open and free future of Qt. We are looking forward to more future collaboration both in contributions to the Qt code base itself as well as the Qt Project in organizational matters." Lars Knoll, Digia Qt CTO and Qt Project Chief Maintainer stated: "The KDE Community plays a key part in growing the Qt ecosystem for all types of developers and use cases. We are pleased to be a Patron of KDE e.V. and to continue our work together to foster the further spread of the Qt technology." There are many ways to get involved with KDE; KDE e.V. supporting members contribute financially. Individuals can Join the Game, while companies can provide financial support at a variety of levels or by sponsoring events like Akademy. Through financial contributions, such as Digia becoming a Patron, KDE e.V. is able to pay the hard costs of one of the largest free and open software projects in the world. These funds keep KDE servers running, cover meeting expenses, provide resources for volunteer contributors to organize and attend conferences and trade shows, and protect KDE legal interests—all managed by KDE e.V. in support of the KDE Community. Thank you Digia for your financial assistance to KDE and for our effective collaboration on the Qt cross-platform application framework. Comments here:

Recent releases

  •  18 Apr 2014 08:36

    Release Notes: The next generation semantic desktop search brings significant benefits in terms of faster, more relevant results, greater stability, lower resource usage, and less data storage. Artikulate is a new app for foreign speech training. The email client KMail introduces support for storing file attachments in cloud storage services. The document reader Okular now has support for opening multiple documents in tabs. The desktop globe Marble has support for the Sun, Moon, planets, and bicycle routing. The advanced text editor Kate introduces an improved status bar, animated bracket matching, and enhanced plugins.

    •  02 Apr 2014 06:19

      Release Notes: More than 20 recorded bugfixes include improvements to the Personal Information Management suite Kontact, the Umbrello UML Modeler, the image viewer Gwenview, the Web browser Konqueror, the file manager Dolphin, and others.

      •  05 Mar 2014 09:34

        Release Notes: More than 30 recorded bugfixes include improvements to the personal information management suite Kontact, the UML tool Umbrello, the image viewer Gwenview, the Web browser Konqueror, the file manager Dolphin, and others.

        •  08 Feb 2014 12:47

          Release Notes: More than 20 recorded bugfixes include improvements to the personal information management suite Kontact, the UML tool Umbrello, the document viewer Okular, the Web browser Konqueror, the file manager Dolphin, and others.

          •  19 Dec 2013 11:25

            Release Notes: This release marks substantial improvements in the KDE PIM stack, giving much better performance and many new features. Kate has new features including initial Vim macro support, and games and educational applications bring a variety of new features. The announcement for the KDE Applications 4.12 has more information. This release only includes bugfixes and minor optimizations and features. About 20 bugfixes as well as several optimizations have been made to various subsystems.

            Recent comments

            22 Aug 2012 03:42 domperignon

            I've recently moved from Windows to Linux and had to try many different desktop environments. KDE is simply the best, thanks for this great project!

            12 Jun 2012 06:20 yanestra

            May I suggest to rename this project "KDE SC", because at some time, the project people started calling themselves "KDE", and the software "KDE SC"?

            Besides this, thank you and keep up the good work!

            07 May 2011 12:03 jrepin

            Simply the most powerful. the most advanced and very beautiful desktop environment. I also like it how much customizable it all is.

            08 Oct 2009 11:46 gwr3n

            Are the constant program crashes and glitches still an issue with this desktop environment?

            <a href"">Roberto Rossi</a>

            28 Jul 2005 09:32 tuxjay

            great desktop shell but..
            I've switched backwards and forwards between KDE and enlightenment/fluxbox for a long time now. KDE is a wonderful project and I think it's second to none in terms of features and integration.

            I hope that the 3.4.2 release provides an experience that is not as bug ridden as the 3.4.1 release. I have considered every release of KDE so far to be too frustrating to be able to use for any length of time due to constant program crashes and glitches.


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